Luxottica Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Luxoittca Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
Via Cantu 2
Milan, 20123
Corporate Phone Number: +39-02-863341
Fax Number: +39-02-86334092

Luxottica's retail segment includes, LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision, OPSM, Laubman & Pank and its Licensed Brands (Sears Optical and Target Optical), as well as through the retail brands of its business, Oakley, which include, among others, Oakley Stores and Vaults, Sunglass Icon, The Optical Shop of Aspen and Bright Eyes.

Luxottica's Corporate office is located in Italy. The phone number and address are listed above.

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  1. Experienced very humiliating customer service at Lens Crafters. After many years of business I have closed out my account. I am sure that the dent I create in your reputation will go un-noticed, but I cannot in good conscience allow anyone I come in contact with to consider doing business with Lens Crafters without at least a warning. This is the first time I have ever had to write a complaint about anything.

  2. On Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 I took my family to Broward Mall and was in your store location for approximately 5 minutes. My dad was visiting and just had eye surgery at University of Miami and needed to get a pair of shatter proof shades/glasses. At no time did your representative acknowledge us while we were in the store. Upon exiting your store, I noticed your representative Joshua speaking to my 8 year old son and 16 year old daughter at which time I assumed he was having a general conversation with them because within that time he proceeded back into the store. We continue our shopping journey, however as we proceed to exit another store which was about 15 minute away from your store he(Joshua) was accompanied by a security guard named Mohammed. I again observed him talking to my kids so I proceeded toward them. I then asked what was the problem, he mention that he saw on a video tape a woman in a white shirt leaving the store that had taken some sunglasses and he assumed she was with us. At this time I took offence in a professional manner I explained to him that both kids were minors and if he or the security guard had question to should ask for the adult. He again mentioned he thought the lady in the white shirt was with us. I asked him for his manager same and he said Shawn; because I made it clear I would be making a written complaint.
    I took offences and felt discriminated against, because there were several individual in the store and if he had seen the video tape as he mentioned he would have clearly been able to identify it was no one in my party. I am an African American and far too many times because of the color of our skin we are judged. Your employee left the store and took the time to target us because we were black. My 8 year old son was scared and confused he began to cry because of the situation. I took to time to go back to the store and explain the Joshua the impact of this action and that he needs to be very careful when handling situations of that sort because at the impact to the children are far worst that the ones to adults.
    I will no longer support your establishment or any that carries the “Sunglass Hut” name because of this situation. Joshua apologized with was not meaningful. As a consumer I wanted my concern to be heard so that you can understand the type of employees or maybe the procedure for such type situation needs to be clearer so that no one else goes through this.


  3. At 1700 hrs my fiancé went into the sunglasses hut located in North Star mall, because she dropped a pair of her Versace glasses. She asked the sales associate to look up her glasses to see if they were under warranty and KC the sales manager , said out loud in front of the whole store, I know who you are and you are not allowed to return glasses here. My name is Marcus Darnell Johnson I have bought multiple pairs of glasses for my mother, my brother and my fiancé. I found this highly embarrassing and this is not the first altercation that I have had with this sales manager. KC has accused me of returning broken, and knock off frames. She has also asked me personal questions, such as what do I do for a living, how much do I make, and has made me very uncomfortable, so much so that I mainly buy my sun glasses at your San Marcos location. Last year this associate accepted a return from me, and when I got home, I noticed she actually charged me for the return. When I called up to inform her of her error she told me she was not going to accept my return, and to come pick up my glasses. I spoke with the regional director and he gave me a refund. KC did not honor the warranty, nor did she even bother to look it up.
    This attitude and repetitive behavior is unacceptable, I would like a supervisor to cal me ASAP!!!

    Marcus Johnson
    Sent from my iPhone

  4. I am hoping my, comments, information, and or request here, will reach someone in an authoritative position of Luxottica Group and Ray-ban.
    This is email to you is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, and should have as it is very important to me as a loyal consumer to your company!!
    I have been trying to find a style or Ray-ban sun glasses for several years now.
    Here is a picture and the link for the ones I am looking for:
    Why did you discontinue this style...?
    Ray-Ban - Predator - Sunglasses, RB 3147 006/3F
    I sent an email request to Ray Ban about trying to get or at the very least, try to help me to locate a pair and here was their response:
    Sorry, that was discontinued....
    I had that pair of sun glasses for 4 years and had more compliments on them, that you wouldn’t believe it. They look amazing on anyone who tried them on. One day in a trip to Mexico, I set them down to look at pictures at the front desk of an excursion we were on. Turned my head for a second and then got distracted and they were gone. Major Meltdown. I about lost my mind and have been trying to find them ever since… ANYWHERE!!
    Please, forward this message to someone who can assist me with the possibility of bringing them back. I will guarantee, if you made the again...I could sell hundreds of them. They were the best looking sun glasses I have owned and wore in like forever....Please help me!!
    Lizette Mejia
    5410 Galaxie road
    Garland, Texas 75044
    (214) 707-0361


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