Plenti Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Plenti Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
200 Vesey Street
World Financial Center
New York, NY 10285 USA

Email: Online Only
Corporate Phone Number: 212-640-5130
Fax Number: 1-212-640-0404
Customer Service Number: 212-640-0404

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  1. Is it ok for other employees to threaten you and then keep their jobs? Managers were aware of the problem and kept her there. How is this ok?? How is it ok for the bully to keep their job and the bullied to be told to calm down and stay quite! This is wrong and unacceptable!!!! I suffered will she has been rewarded and demanded that she be kept on the schedule and demands that she works on her days off! Yet I'm the one who was done wrong!

  2. Yes my name is Adam Ariaz I've been working with labor ready since 1987 or 4.20 an hour on and off. Never had a problem or been taken off work status before. A manager at 1209 in Gilbert, As. Text a job three times the same text. No cross street info. I said please stop so many texts n where's it at. She did it again. I said f word man where's it at and push your button. And she banned me saying I'm not going be able to work in tell I talk to a manager. And this is not the first time she's done that. Please figure this out for me because I'm planning on leave this state cause things like that here to California. Please note that some people don't have a car or gas to get very far. And 30 mile long city is tuff enough to work with people as it is. Never had a problem with any one ever here from Washington through every state to Kansas city, MO., Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona. San Diego, Oregon., Utah. Wyoming, Colorado, new mexico. Idaho. I think that about it been other state not sure if I work thru labor ready. Please help only way I've been able to make money so far thank you


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