AssetMark Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AssetMark Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
1655 Grant Street
10th Floor
Concord, CA 94520-2445 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-822-4227
Fax Number: 1-866-528-7985
Customer Service Number: 1-800-822-4227

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  1. I called the corporate number several times but I guess everyone is gone for the day. So I am hoping this email address is correct and that someone receives this.

    I visited your Eastpoint Children's Place location today around and I came into the store the first time around 3:30 and there was only one girl working, thin brown haired girl. Her hair is kind of long, I should have asked her name. It looked like she's the only one on the floor, and she was already assisting someone, so I walked around the store for several minutes just trying to give her an opportunity to finish with the one customer. I waited for about 15 minutes then I left. I said I'll come back later.

    I went and did some shopping at some other stores and returned to the store an hour later, and still the same young girl was by herself on the floor. So I am not sure if this is customary for Children's Place to have one employee in a store but certainly it doesn't look well to customers and it's very inefficient. I was not the only person wandering around the store the second time I came in. I'm not sure if they needed help but they certainly couldn't have gotten any because she was just one person trying to do everything including ring up purchases.

    So I hope that you look into this and find out where your employees are. I know it's after the holidays and you guys may be slower than usual but one person in a store is a little bit ridiculous. I was not able to make my purchase today because I did need assistance but didn't have anymore time to wait around for the one visible employee to become free.

    So you can thank your staff for today or lack thereof for the loss of business.

  2. I'm VERY TIRED of ALWAYS having to pay for my order and it's ALWAYS bad. My biscuits are always hard and so is the meat but when I try to get a refund it's always the same. You all seriously need better managers that should think like this if I wouldn't eat it then why are we serving this to our customers?

  3. My daughter bought me a necklace with a heart on it with my birthstone and diamonds I got it in July 6 for my birthday the chain has broken five times I have had to bring it back and have them fix it for me they told me that I should upgrade my chain to a new chain how fair is that that I have to upgrade my chain for it not to break this is totally unfair what a awful business terrible customer service asking me to upgrade my necklace


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