Koons Automotive Corporate Office Headquarters

Koons Automotive Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 2000 Chain Bridge Rd.
Vienna, VA 22182
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-356-0400
Fax Number: 1-703-442-5765
Customer Service Number: 1-703-356-0400

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  1. Need an answer in your policy purchased a car from Koons of Woodbridge 3/14/15 was not happy with autotrak device so they informed me I could return car since no money was exchanged, I did so and now Koons is still running my credit and informed another bank that approved me some lie. I need a letter stating transaction is non and void, and Koons will not intervene in my business anymore. This is unprofessional and unethical. You really should check the complaints and not allow these unprofessional tactics. Waiting for your reply that a letter is forthcoming.

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  3. We came to koons looking for a vehicle. We ended up buying one and after having two days realized it had issues. After telling them about it they said bring it in to evaluate the car. After evaluation some issues were found, we were told that they would cover half the damages. This was after 2 days with car. So with not being able to return it we decided to take another car. The second ended up with a/c problems. We were told it may or may not be covered under warranty and was given loaner car while they looked at it. Well white marsh was not able to figure out the problem so they had to send to another location. For something that was supposed too take two days ended up being 2 weeks. We was called and told it should be covered but then at the last moment we was told it was not and we was going to have and pay 1350$ out of pocket. This is after 2 weeks with car. So at the end we got stuck with 350$ for the loaner car that we knew nothing about paying for and still a broken car. They tried to charge us almost a thousand dollars for it. We have had nothing but issues with them the entire time and horrible experience. If you want a car I suggest you pick another dealer unless you want a junk car and terrible service.

  4. My first Jeep ever..really wanted this truck. The advertised "no haggle" price is B.S. My salesman went back and forth for close to 4 hours. This is the old cat & mouse game. I was in hypoglycemic shock and when his co-workers came by (I was eating cough drops for blood sugar), informing him they were going out for food, he NEVER offered or asked his co-worker to get me something...anything! Instead he told me to go into the service garage and use the vending machine! Holy Jesus!..a $30k+ Jeep and not a buck for a frigging candy bar! Salesman talked down to me w/comments, "What are we doing here, I thought you were buying a car" and "if you don't buy I car, I don't get paid"...tough sh*t bozo! I asked about running boards to take my 90 year old Mom to doctors, groceries, etc. here in DC. I was told, they would be "close to $1,500" I offered to pay half but that was rejected. I recently got top[ of the line boards and had them installed all for <$500! The truck was missing a tonneau cover in the back to hide purchases (helpful in DC). This was a 1 owner used (leased) car and once again, this issue was wiped "under the rug". I complained to Kurt Klein (the ONLY guy at this dealership worth his salt) and he never forgot me and got me the cover. DC to Vienna numerous times now for 2 recalls that weren't fixed before the purchase, the tonneau and then today, what appeared to be a filled micro fissure on the front window which was also filled with white out! Naturally I was never asked to check this by trying a light razor scrape to avoid a trip to Vienna.While waiting for Star Glass The front desk person was EXTREMELY obstinate about authorizing a courtesy car wash to remove the slush splashes and dirt off my 2 month old all white Jeep. I stood at the main desk (which seems to be the confab "command post") until I finally got a reaction to my stares. There was one person back there and my vehicle was eventually taken to the wash. The glass guy arrived and said, "if it's washed, I can't work on it" so we're running all over to find my vehicle to stop the process. Bottom line, a MAJOR ATTITUDE from the USELESS front desk guy who when I said they have a relationship w/the glass company for 30 years(& he replied, "over 30 years") I asked him why in all that time nobody else had a similar issue, to which he replied, "we don't have to know this" I have been driving for over 40 years so I said, "I guess I can tell the police officer 'I don't have to know this' after a collision from not obeying a left turn arrow!" My advice from this terrible experience is: DON"T waste your time, self-respect and money here. This is a multi-faceted LOSING PROPOSITION (and corporate customer service does not return calls!). Shame on you!


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