KOA Corporate Office Headquarters

KOA Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: PO Box 30558
Billings, MT 59114
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-562-0000
Fax Number: 1-406-248-7414
Customer Service Number: 1-888-562-0000

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  1. We rented a site for a month. One day we were in from of the office and the owner, Frankie, drove up. She was bragging about "plinking" with her rifle. My husband is a hunter, so she gave him her rifle. It was LOADED!. We should have called the police, but did not. A bad mistake on or part.

  2. Joyce the manager is an ignorant unprofessional manager who I wouldn't put in charge of a carnival ride. After cancelling a reservation KAO Corbin KY refused to return my deposit.

  3. Don't stay at the Oregon Dunes KOA. What was a great stay, turned sour after we departed. We got a phone call from them the day after we got home accusing us of damaging the cabin we were in and stealing a picture. Then they billed us $500. We have no recourse. There was no check sheet to go over like when you rent a car. We cannot prove anything. I can't be more upset about this event. We are not thieves. I will never stay at any other KOA's as long as I live and I will tell all my acquaintances my experience as well. This is all I can do. I hope other vacationers don't get robbed like we did.

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  5. Stayed at KOA Flagstaff, AZ, first time at KOA and it will be my Last !! What a dump, I have 20 ft trailer , spot I was assigned was between two trailers , these trailers have not moved in years, flat tires ,trash underneath them, truck tires piled along side of them , sheets on windows, auto parts scattered around, disgusting, behind me was a trailer park, the trailers looked even scarier than the ones next to me. this place is an absolute DUMP, I did not feel safe here with my 3 grandkids, we booked for 3 nights and left after 1 night ,you would be better off in a Walmart parking lot, and probally safer.

  6. We stayed at the KOA in South Lake Tahoe and we will NEVER GO BACK!!It's extremely small among other things. Of course we paid in full when we first arrived and then the Owner's son was a complete JERK and started blowing us up about where we were parked BEFORE he ever even asked us what we were doing there or if we had paid. THEN...2 weeks later I was balancing my bank statement and they had charged us "twice". I called and spoke to Shaun about getting us a refund and he immediately started arguing with me before I could even explain what my receipt showed. When I asked for an email or fax number to email or fax him my proof that they charged us twice, again...I got the run around. Shaun doesn't have an email at that office and they only have a "private" fax and they didn't even know what that number was!!!! OMFG!! The un-professional, un-ethical, disrespectful, incompetence behaviors and attitudes was just to much to take. Camper's beware!!!!

  7. The manager Jill at the KOA Harpers Ferry Located is rude and has absolutely no customer service etiquette. As soon as she got on the phone with me, she was abrasive and had an attitude right off the bat. When I explained my situation and explain what the staff told me a few weeks ago, she called me a liar and told me I either come the weekend I rented the site for and lose the money. I understand that KOA has rules and policies and that is fine. When I ask where the rules that she is are talking about she got even ruder with me. I am not the type of person to complain and rules are not mean to be broke but as the customer, I deserve to be treated with respect and talked to in a polite manner. When I asked to have her name, she hung up on me. I called back to have a legitimate question answered and she refused to listen to my question and she put me on hold.

    This is my first experience with KOA and as a paying customer; I refuse to ever go back. I have not even been to the campsite yet but due lack of poor customer service I will never go back or recommend the site to anyone.

    From the other comments, I have read about KOA, I suggest that corporate put their employees through customer service training. I have seen countless reviews about the stuff having attitudes and being rude. I hope that stuff realizes they need to treat the customers with respect and see that the people that are staying at these campgrounds are the people that help to fund their paychecks.


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