Kicks USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Kicks USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 30 South 52nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-921-4451
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-215-921-4451

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  1. Upon shopping in the store located at Roosevelt Mall Cottman Avenue Philadelphia PA I never encountered such rude Ghetto unprofessional behavior ever. First the store music is loud and distracting not to mention there is no where to sit down while you wait for others to shop. The Sales employees if that is what you would refer to them as well they all stand aorund no one offers to assist in making any purchases, Next I was told don't roll our eyes at me one of the so called sales employees I was even more applauded when I bought 175.00 in bots only to find out they were made in China not of god quality hand made materials just more expensive cheap merchandise. MY Mother was furious with me raising holy hell I can see now why I was a dummie to buy anything at Kicks USA due to the way in which I was treated and also the prices of the poor low quality merchandise . The old timers are right My Mother was right I should have walked out saved my money and took my business elsewhere . My Mother explained that business is earned not given and that respect is expected andr equired on both parts and I was failed on the part of the employee, This store needs a real overhauling and so does the merchandise,

  2. I order a package on February 9th it is now March 1 I still have yet to receive my package ! I've called and emailed every person there is to contact and I have YET to get a response , my package or my money back ! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND NO HELP !!!

  3. I was behind one of your colorful SUVs earlier this evening and your driver tried to pass the car ahead of him at a red light from the shoulder of the road. He didn't make it so at the next red light he past 4 cars by going into oncoming traffic and blowing the red light.This was on Byberry Rd near the Boulevard. He continued to drive crazy on Byberry Rd until we reached Hatboro. We called the police but they never caught up. They do have the license plate number. That driver represents KicksUSA. It's a real shame.

  4. In your deptford, nj store there is a manager named Jaime whom is very rude, ignorant and unprofessional. She talks to her employees any type of way and shows no respect for her employees or the store she represents. A clear case of abuse of authority. I watched as she had 1 girl do multiple tasks as all other employees including her were on their cell phones or just standing around.
    Then I witnessed her yell at a male employee to go the hell home, on the sales floor with customers around.
    Your company should be more selective when choosing managers. The authority some times goes to people's heads.
    This girl is clearly not made for a managers position. She needs to learn how to conduct herself

  5. Horrible company customer service never answer the phone!


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