Ker's Winghouse Corporate Office Headquarters

Ker's Winghouse Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 7491 Ulmerton Road Suite B
Largo, FL 33771
Corporate Phone Number: 1-727-535-2939
Fax Number: 1-727-535-2827
Customer Service Number: 1-727-535-2939

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  1. I felt I should bring an an observation that I made yesterday to someone's attention. While enjoying my lunch at the the Sarasota Winghouse I noticed a manger (Frank) talking to the other managers. What I found interesting is after talking to them about sexual harassment he started running his fingers through the female manager's hair. He also talked to them about what a hostile work environment was but, belittled them while demonstrating a hostel environment though out the meeting. It is very obvious that Frank is in need of sexual harassment and hostile work environment training himself!

  2. Visited a Wing House (US 192-Kissimmee) on the same night that the NBA finals and the USMNT game against Ecuador were on. I was impressed at the number of televisions in the establishment. I thought 'WOW it wont be a problem catching the game here". To my surprise I was TOTALLY wrong. When the server was asked to put a TV on the soccer game her replied was... we are watching basketball, I have to ask a manager to see if we can change it. When the manager was asked, his replied was 'everyone is watching basketball I do not have a TV available for soccer. When the manager finished, my jaw dropped. YOU have to be kidding me!!! Here is a business with at least 2-dozen TV's and no one in the restaurant wanted to put the soccer game on. We'll I can assure you that I will let everyone of my friends, family and total strangers know to avoid your restaurant. Way to go wing house, keep your local sport while the rest of us enjoy a truly global game in a business that caters to all sports fan, not just the NBA.


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