K&G Corporate Office Headquarters

K&G Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 180 Orland Park Place
Orland Park, IL 60462
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-708-349-2176
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-708-349-2176

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  1. The location on at 7540 Stony Island in Chicago, Illinois needs to do much better with customer service. I have shopped at this store many times before. I have recently relocated to Chicago and have had wonderful experiences with K & G in Michigan. Never before have a visited a location where 3 of the 4 doors is locked. Never before have a visited a location where bags are checked routinely.
    I visited the store today hoping to find some deals. I didn't drive my car but had my purse that looked like a backpack with me for my personal items. Immediately, I was singled out as I walked through the door with, "Ma'am, I must check your backpack." I promptly informed the cashier that it was in fact a purse with personal items and that because it needed to be checked, I wouldn't be shopping and I left.
    My advice is that if the store is that deficient in loss prevention, WORK ON IT!!! But don't put customers on front street just because the store is in a predominantly Black community.

  2. I recently purchase a suit at the Stony Island store, left very happy, treated very professionally. Toay, i returned to purchase a dress shirt and cuff links I gave my telephone number and asked what the discount would, be before it was rung up, wanting to make sure I had brought enough money. The clerk aske if I was making a change and when I explained not, she stated she was only trying to help me an offered to get a manager, I asked for my previous receipt to be returned an left without a purchase. This young woman was rude and angry an should not be working in public.


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