K&G Corporate Office Headquarters

K&G Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 180 Orland Park Place
Orland Park, IL 60462
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-708-349-2176
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-708-349-2176

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  1. The location on at 7540 Stony Island in Chicago, Illinois needs to do much better with customer service. I have shopped at this store many times before. I have recently relocated to Chicago and have had wonderful experiences with K & G in Michigan. Never before have a visited a location where 3 of the 4 doors is locked. Never before have a visited a location where bags are checked routinely.
    I visited the store today hoping to find some deals. I didn't drive my car but had my purse that looked like a backpack with me for my personal items. Immediately, I was singled out as I walked through the door with, "Ma'am, I must check your backpack." I promptly informed the cashier that it was in fact a purse with personal items and that because it needed to be checked, I wouldn't be shopping and I left.
    My advice is that if the store is that deficient in loss prevention, WORK ON IT!!! But don't put customers on front street just because the store is in a predominantly Black community.

  2. I recently purchase a suit at the Stony Island store, left very happy, treated very professionally. Toay, i returned to purchase a dress shirt and cuff links I gave my telephone number and asked what the discount would, be before it was rung up, wanting to make sure I had brought enough money. The clerk aske if I was making a change and when I explained not, she stated she was only trying to help me an offered to get a manager, I asked for my previous receipt to be returned an left without a purchase. This young woman was rude and angry an should not be working in public.

  3. My husband and I visit the Tyvola Mall store on Monday, December 26. We shop at this location frequently. We were very shock that the store wasn't very busy and began shopping. After being there about 20 min. I asked one of the employees for the key to use the restroom; the employee told me that he was busy for me to ask someone else for the key. After walking to the front of the store to find another employee for the key we met an employee walking to the front and my husband asked her for the key, she responded, I am busy ask the guy in the back. I responded, we have asked him and he said he was busy and to ask someone else as well. At this point I am very frustrated so I put my items back on the rack and left the store. My advices is that if the restrooms are for paying customers then make it convenient for the customers to use. This was very poor customer service and K & G has lost my business.


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