Invicta Watches Corporate Office Headquarters

Invicta Watches Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1 Invicta Way (3069 Taft St)
Hollywood, FL 33021
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-921-2444
Fax Number: 1-954-921-4222
Customer Service Number: 1-954-921-2444

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  1. Your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced and I have dealt with many. It is so poor that it has to be intentionally structured by Invicta management. Calling your customer service department is impossible and nobody responds to any emails. You guys are sleazy cons. I will be in the Hollywood are week after next. I am coming to your headquarter and raising hell. Maybe I can get some service in person. See you soon...

  2. I totally agree with the message from 02/17/2017. I went to the Invicta Store (service#007-10736)in Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA on 02/09/2017 to have my watch band replaced. The young lady working that day assured me that she could repair the watch while I wait. After two hours she informs me that she can't remove the screws from the watch and asked me to take it to It's About Time, another watch repair shop in Lenox Mall. They were able to remove the screws for me. I returned to the Invicta store with the screws, however the young lady that was working was getting off work and referred me to an associate by the name of Carlos T. who informs me that repairs are not done in the store and my watch would be sent off. He also told me that it would be 30 days before I hear a response about my watch. I've called for the past two weeks to check on the watch and the young man keeps telling me that it will be 30 days. Well it has been 30 days and I'm not getting any information from anyone concerning my watch. The customer service and communication for this repair has been terrible. As much as I love my watches from Invicta, if the customer service is always this terrible, I'll never buy another one. T.C n ATL


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