iHerb Corporate Office Headquarters

iHerb Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 17825 Indian Street
Moreno Valley, CA 92551
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-951-616-3600
Fax Number: 1-951-616-3601
Customer Service Number: 1-951-616-3600

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  1. They no longer take customer service calls at this number.

  2. I wanted to URGENTLY reorder some products on my account but the password would not work. I kept trying it but no good. So I changed it under “Forgot Password” and completed the process being told it had changed and to login in. BUT the login page refused to recognised the NEW password so I changed it 2 more cycles – each time the same result. So I could not order. Then I asked my daughter to login with her account – same result.

    Eventually I created a new account and re- entered all my details again. Finally I was able to get my order in – but maybe too late for today’s shipping – making it more likely I won’t get delivery until Monday next week!!! Despite selecting DHL.

    Now I have 2 accounts and I didn’t get the Loyalty Bonus from last time.

    I tried to contact you guys but you have cut the phone number, removed the Chat Link, and all I have to try is this “info” address – NOT good customer service I’m afraid. :-(

    I didn't want to post this as "Anonymous" but no other option given.

    1. There customer service is horrendous. I have two issues and no resolution. One is with bad product...no response from them. On chat....they put you on hold so they can take calls. I was asking if they accepted visa gift cards, received several answers. Took 30 minutes to try to get this answer. I complained to the CS rep. She said "I have to take calls...you are not my only customer!" Really?


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