IBC Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

IBC Bank Corporate Office Headquarters
Independent Bank Corporation
Address: 1200 San Bernardo Ave
Laredo, TX 78042-1359
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-956-722-7611
Fax Number: 1-956-726-6637
Customer Service Number: 1-956-722-7611

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  1. To whom it may concern: Have thought long and hard how to address this and can only find this website to enter our comments. Have talked personally to several in the Oklahoma branches and corporate and have gotten nowhere. After 33 years at your Guthrie Branch and two years here in Edmond we have closed out all three accounts after continued , continued problems, distress and exasperations. I CANNOT understand how your banking is even having any success whatsoever in the Edmond branch on 15th. Time and time again we have tried to cash checks, deposit, change monies from one account to another and time after time,,,,have waited up to over an hour and one point,,at one point in the drive thru,,,getting out of my car and rapping on the window..another time three of us got out of our cars...conversed together and could get NO ONE to help us. The change over is dramatic...one point I told the teller to please help the ones at the window, she had four waiting. The other two tellers stood around and said they could not help. One older gentleman stormed out of the building. Now,,I am hearing trouble of the same caliber at the Guthrie branch....surely you MUST be aware of what is going on. There was not one car at your branch on 15th the last several times we passed. What a terrible shame for a company we have down business with for decades. No doubt word will get around and you are losing customers. Our three accounts were substantial. And to beat that , when closing one account yesterday you charged us$31.00 because the teller left 25 cents in there. I hope someone upstairs is reading this or perhaps because its not a TEXAS branch we are unnoticed and neglected. This is not the way to run a business. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Piersol

  2. 07~08~16
    I am writing this in hope to let it ou to others. The Owasso, OK IBC Branch charged me two $35 overdraft fees for two different pizza transactions for a total of $70 thus the pizza company charged me two $40 fees for a total of $80 thus a total of $150 when my books & the IBC Online Banking showed that I had money in the bank plus @ both times I had my checks deposited in my IBC Bank Account adding *MORE* money. At *NO* time what~so~ever did/does it still show me being negative in my account online or in my books or even close. When I went in to the bank to find out why my pizza was showing up as $88 & $100 the customer service rep told me that the account was short by .66 cents & made the acct fall short, & it took two weeks & me bringing it to their attention for the to show the two $35 service fees & still to this day I have *NOT* received a Bounced Notice Letter from IBC Bank...probably because the money was & is in the bank. To this day (a month & half later) my account still does reflect it ever being short. The customer service rep put in a request to have the fees returnred & Corporate *Denied* it. So me being a Disable Veteran with two kids left to raise out of 8 & a wife out of work fixing to have surgery for a Brain Tumor I requested for a rep from corp to call me & still a week later no call. All the customer service rep could tell me is it's not PERSONNNNAL, they value my business but if I want I could go in & they will help me close out my account...Hummmmm. Some help. Feels like they *DONT* value me or my buiness & like they are stealing my $$$$$$$$$$$$.


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