Houston Garden Center Corporate Office Headquarters

Houston Garden Center Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 5345 West Loop South
Houston, Texas 77081
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-979-645-4816
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-979-645-4816

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  1. I would like someone to contact me asap. I was laughed at by a manager and employee at one of your locations. I was also told that the manager didn't care that my husband was injured on your property

  2. I would like to know why y'all are offer $20 gift card and the website isn't working.....that us so wrong of y'all and the offer expires tomorrow... Smh

  3. I was called a thief by one of your employee at the Hwy 288 & Bltwy 8 location. I will like to talk to someone, please contact me at saeedanewaz@yahoo.com or give me your phone #, I will call. I am very very upset, will report to BBB & consumer protection agency.

  4. I was given a gift card for mother's day last year. For health reasons I could not use the card right away. Now that I am able, I tried to use the gift card and it was declined. The clerk was very rude, telling me I was so stupid not to realize the card had expired. There was no expiration date given on the receipt. $100 may seem like nothing to you but it does to me. Will never shop at a garden center again.

  5. Your employees need a day off at least once a week ! Working a 13 hr day 7 days a week is ridiculous . And when my significant other asks for a day off y'all can't even give it because it's Christmas tree season. I have doctors appt I need to get to !!! Y'all are ridiculous . And then y'all post ridiculous notes that read they'll be terminated if you call in. Including , sickness, dying, leaving early , or a death occurs. Unbelievable .


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