Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office Headquarters

Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1757 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-518-869-3218
Fax Number: 1-518-869-3574
Customer Service Number: 1-518-869-3218

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  1. Not happy that they only told me one price for a basic car wash at 20.00$ Seemed high to me as I never paid that much before. Sure enough the sign said 20$ Was offered free car wash coupon for 4$ more. Ipaid the extra money for the coupon. Sounds like they are using bait and switch techniques. After using my coupon doubt will go there again although I have beed a regular customer in the past.

  2. Also not happy. The last 3 times I had the people at the Saratoga car wash clean the inside of me car I asked specifically to do the front & rear windows extra good as I physically can't any more. The first time they skipped it altogether. the next 2 times they missed at least 1/2 of the rear window. Last time my car was the only car in there. I live on SSI and it's to expensive to do only do a half ass job


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