Hobbytown USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Hobbytown USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1233 Libra Drive
Lincoln, NE 68512
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-434-5050
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-402-434-5050

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  1. the Tampa store locate on Dalemabry hwy.is by far the worst store in your franchise do something about it its ridiculous on how little knowledge the staff at this store have i am going to totally discredit your corp. because of how useless the store is!!!!!!!read my review on google of the store and the total disrespectful and waste of time driving an hur to get to the tore on a LIE

  2. I have been into 1/10 scale rc 4x4's I have the slash 4x4 witch I have upgraded,just bought the Deadbolt and Grave Digger and have an issue with the Hobby Town in Silverdale,wa,was people working there that have no knowledge about what they are selling,just the price of items,I have been sold,wrong Battery's that can be costly and dangerous,not to mention the 14mi. I have to drive to buy something and then have to return it,not cool with what I spend on upgrades and equipment,you think they would have the knowledge to sell you the right stuff and have someone who does repairs when needed.

  3. Why not buy on Amazon at 1/2 the price of your local hobbytown if there is no customer service? I bought my fiance an rc truck for a gift. When she opened it the receiver was burnt to a crisp. The store said we had to return it to the manufacturer! She never even got to use it once and hobbytown wouldnt exchange it. Instead we have to wait weeks/months to go through the exchange bs with the maker. Thats the type policy that will close your bricks and mortar stores quickly.

  4. Your Augusta GA. store is horrible the staff are rude and the store is so cluttered I had to ask where to pay for my items I couldn't even see the register. I left my car for it to be tuned up and two weeks later they couldt tell me if it was done or not because they had so many of them and had lost track of the tags and didn't know whos was whos that is a total disrespect for the customer and to be honest disrespects the name on the store. !st of all I will never sho[p in that store again and I truly believe that if there was an inspection done they would prob not meet the fire code this place is trashed and ridiculous. Customer service and sales management is without a doubt the worst I have seen in almost any store I have been in all year. I get better service at a flea market. as a matter of fact im going to let the fire marshall know and maybe he will do a surprise inspection I am leaving my email as my name I would love to receive any type of follow up that is done about this situation. altho I don't expect any since it looks as tho it has been a few decades since any hobbytown rep. has been there


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