Hannaford Corporate Office Headquarters

Hannaford Corporate Office Headquarters
Hannaford Bros. Co.
Address: 145 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Scarborough, ME 04074
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-207-883-2911
Fax Number: 1-207-885-2859
Customer Service Number: 1-207-883-2911

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  1. even though, under construction, with a large addition being added your Manager worked diligently to direct other Hannaford workers, speak with customers, and continue to be calm and considerate all at once. I know, I was there. You certainly have a special agent within your employ. Please let me know if she ever becomes available, as I could use such a person in my corporation. Ballston Spa, NY location

  2. I was filling 28 prescriptions at the Hannaford's in Jay Maine for my family. Our Dog is on four heart medication's, due to a serious heart condition. What Tamara did to my dog with his medication was horrible and unforgivable!!! She should and needs to be fired!!!! Especially for telling me I can fill my medication's elsewhere which I have done. I spoke with Kim the pharmacy manager and explained what had happened. I also explained you may not care about losing 10,000 dollars a month but cooperate will. What a shame this had to happen. You do not do this to an Animal!!!

  3. I called your complaint number yesterday and after 10 minutes I hung up and called your corporate number to report a product problem. The person who answered the phone gave me the 800 number that No-one Answers! I told her that and she suggested I keep calling until it gets answered. I replied that I took pictures of the problem Hannifords product and I was going to post it on my Facebook page. She connected me to someone that I left a message for. I have the container of this product so I can give you the run-number. I had bought it the day before I used it, yesterday. I don't want to tarnish your name, I only want to help Hannifords stay successful by producing Quality Products,not Surprise Unpredictably so-soers.
    Please have the person I left the message for contact me without my having to jump through hoops again.I left my name and home number and I the fact that I should be home from work by 1:30 today. If I could have send the picture to you here, I would have, but I don't see a link to submit it. I look forward to your call.


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