Gordon Biersch Corporate Office Headquarters

Gordon Biersch Corporate Office Headquarters
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc.
Address: 2001 Riverside Dr., Ste. 3100
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-423-424-2000
Fax Number: 1-423-752-1973
Customer Service Number: 1-423-424-2000

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  1. To whom it may concern...... I frequent Gordon Biersch at the Aloha Tower on the Island of Oahu. I never have been charged an additional SERVICE CHARGE of 3% for the amount of my food. I get the fact that I have no choice but to pay Genera lExcise taxes to the State of Hawaii that is a given. I have been told that Ms. Lori Ho gets the additional 3% to arrange tables in the Lanai bar for guest that call in prior to any event which would include me and my guest.. How is it that she not only get 3% from all of us that order food and drink? example: 2 couples separate checks at the same table adds up to Ms Lori Ho getting 6%. Seriously I don't think this should be a part of being customer friendly.. Can you help me to see how this works. Is this a corporate bylaw? If I reserve a table indoors will I be charged 3% also?. My guest and I are all unhappy campers knowing that we do tip 20% and now an additional 3% HOW APPAULING !!!!!!

  2. Sat in the Gordon Biersch New Orleans restaurant on Poydras Street for 40 minutes last Saturday night and watched the waiter in my section attend to everyone else while passing my table and ignoring me (I wanted to see just how long it would be before he acknowledged me). Finally, I got the attention of a waiter from another section, and he served me. I called for the manager; I asked him if I am invisible; he said I am not. So why did that waiter ignore me while eagerly attending to everyone else in the section? I'm black; he's white, and the others he served are white. I am not one to cry racism without good reason and think the conclusion I drew in this instance is valid. I hope the manager talked to that waiter as there is no place in the hospitality industry for racism. My thanks to the waiter who wore an LSU jersey (#1) for acknowledging my presence.

  3. 7 Dec 16, Power and Light Downtown District Kansas City. My wife and I went to dinner with friends before going to a Broadway play being shown in KC. We arrived just before 6pm and did not have to leave for the play until 7:20pm. The experience was so shocking that I had to apologize to our guest for their first visit to KC. The following is the sequence of events that led to this negative review: The server only brought 2 cups of water (for 4 of us). We ordered drinks 3 times- no drinks were brought to us(our waiter said they were almost ready (a few beers), 20 minutes later when he returned we asked to see the manager who apologized and left doing nothing?) I had to go to the bar and order the drinks and carry them to the table (45 minutes after arriving). We ordered our food at the same time we ordered drinks,... after stopping 2 other servers wondering about our food status, our waiter returned to our table at 7:10 to tell us he forgot to put our order in and he explained that was why he was so busy helping the other tables instead of ours. Before walking out, I addressed the manager separately and told him that this Gordon Biersh Restaurant under his management has disgraced the name and reputation of such a great place. Unfortunately, I cannot change the experience for my friends, however, I will only revisit the restaurant if corporate responds to me.


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