Kum & Go Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kum and Go Corporate Office Headquarters
Kum & Go, L.C.
Address: 6400 Westown Pkwy.
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-226-0128
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-515-226-0128

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  1. How do I find out who's over Kimberly spoonmoore of store 861 in Pryor ok

    1. Horrible people sometimes work there. A guy named Josh was mine here. Get her on video, or audio.

  2. Very disappointed by both the kum and For stores in Parachute Colorado (Battlement mesa Colorado 81636) and the corporate no one ever answers the phone it always goes to voice mail and they don't call back!....LAZY WORKERS!, DIRTY BATHROOMS! UNDER CROOKED HOT DOGS, and no freaken condiments, is it really thay hard to do your job and order ahead of time?!????,, plus chop up some DAMN ONIONS!!.. ( I WISH MAVERICK GAS STATION WAS HERE!!!!)

  3. Just quit, 5/31/2016
    To Whom It May Concern:

    You have hired me as a Food Service Manager to help you, but yet I was told I can't sit down when I take a break and I can't have my birthday off, which was agreed upon in the interview, yet you say you have integrity? Please show me where? Your word means nothing! The conditions in which I am working provides me with no energy to work an 8 hour period and Mark Reed said his boss Dan Childs says no sitting down and NOW I don't even get one break in a day, when everyone else receives a 10 minute break every 2 hours. You have put a burden on me that I can't bear. Your GM is a liar and doesn't keep his word and there is no integrity in that.

    You have hired me to do a job and I wanted to do it, but to no avail, I am being bound and tied, so I have no other choice but to quit. I can't even drink water and barely have a bathroom break. I see why the turn over rate is high. The Labor Dept. will hear about this one.



  4. To Whom It May Concern;

    I am writing this with concern of customers and employees at one of your stores. The Stillwater, OK location on Perkins rd. There is an employee there by the name of Hubert. He has made sexual advances towards several customers and employees and it has been reported to the manager Jim with no results. My daughter has been employed at that store for over a year and enjoys the store and her coworkers and mostly her customers. She has shown strong interest in advancing and having a career in your company. But with no support from management with this situation and others she is very discouraged. She is one of the customers favorites, I have been told this by several people when I have been in there. I'm very proud of my daughter and she is a very responsible and hard working woman. She has encountered many moments with this Hubert from the sexual comments up to him rubbing against her when walking behind her behind the counter. She has told Hubert to stop and expressed her fears to Jim. She has asked not to be scheduled with this man alone without another male employee or that Hubert be scheduled with only male coworkers. Jim has continued to schedule her with him and this past Sunday she had to call off due to being fearful of being alone with him. And Jim put her on probation. In my opinion Jim is not management material. He has no regards to his store and his employees and their safety. With changing his schedule may help with the female employees but does not help with the customers that he makes comments to. If this is the type of company policy to keep an employees on with this behavior then maybe my daughter needs to find another company to advance with. And I would hate to see something bad happen when it has been reported several times and nothing done. Hubert is definitely a liability to the company and open to many lawsuits in the future if its not addressed properly. Thank you for your time and I would appreciate your cooperation with this situation.

  5. Would like to complain about K&G store in Monument, CO, on I25 off of exit 161 near hwy 105. Most stores in Colorado Springs are clean and nice but this store really made me sick. I was attacked by a huge fly by the coffee, so I swatted it. I turned around to grab a nice fresh doughnut from the glass cabinet but inside were about 4 flies all over the doughnuts. The fresh doughnuts in a cup were gross and I couldn't help but think you guy made them that morning with the flies. Really sickening K&G. No one should have to eat apple fritters with flies all over them!

  6. Store #562 Springfield, Mo. Since the first of the year this store has lost all MORAL. The shelves are not full, cooler is not stocked. This is on I44 and is this companies face to the public. I know a lot of people who quit this already including myself. The new General Manager seem to not really care. This was a great store before, Bring Ashley back as General Manager and make it Great again! Check your numbers and see if they do not back me up.

  7. Store 2217 one female the associate is trying to get her manager in trouble by spreading lies to her customers, and one associate has already quit because of her comments.

  8. I hope this gets somewhere Iam a customer at one of your stores in Benton ark . I was in the store and I overheard a employee ask for a bathroom break and the store manager named Selena told the the employee that she needed to wait . The employee was upset and almost cried. Not two seconds later Selena walks out side and begain to smoke her cigarette. I don't think it's right to tell a employee that they have to wait to go to the restroom. It wasn't busy at all .

  9. lets see if I can finish this before my computer gives up the ghost I have read all these coments and let you know there is always bad apples. for example I like Kum and Go but only on weekends during the week days are another story Gabe wears his ear buds and dances around and he isn't a good dancer. Alsoo when he talks to you he wines about his life and his girlfriend which is worse then a soap. The girls are rude and sometimes crude. But on weekends Cathleen works and she is really sweet when she smiles her whole face lights up. when she asks how you are she really cares. She makes going there worth it she hurt her back working for you and somedays you can tell she is in pain but she always puts her customers first. You need to get more like her, Somedays I could run out gas waiting for the weekends when she works she makes going there a real joy. Oh she really likes chocolate because she talks me into buying some every time I am there. Steven is my name and if she is single I would like her number

  10. Yes i would like to talk to someone about how disrespectful the lady was that worked tonight in Eldora Iowa she got in my face threatened me and was cursing at me and the store it self smelt like drugs you can call me at 6418586719 or i will have my lawyer contact you

  11. I have been buying gas at Kum & Go since it was Get n Go. I was out of gas and no where near a K&G, so had to get gat elsewhere.
    I had been having troubles with my van not running good and was thinking it was my van, but after getting gas at a different station, my van is running just fine!
    I have to wonder what's up with the K&G gas. It is not from just one K&G, I go to several different ones in Springfield MO. Some older, some new. Leaky tank somewhere perhaps, or purposely diluted?

  12. Gas stations in Colorado Springs post a Different Signage price than What is posted at tbe pumps... constantly...

  13. My husband and I shop at Kum & Go in Silt, Colorado. We spend at least $10 per day on food, etc. and $100-200 a month on gas. I am so irritated with the people that work there except the nice lady with the long blonde hair.
    In 2015, I wrote an email to Kum and Go about the employees policy of collecting money for ice when I use my own glass, and this is the response that I got. "I'm the district supervisor over this area. First off, thank you so much for all your business you have given us. I am truly sorry for the misunderstanding. It is our policy not to charge for ice if you bring in your own cup. I'm not sure why they thought they were supposed to charge you for ice. I will clarify with those store associates first thing tomorrow morning. I truly hate to lose you as a customer. Please feel free to call me if you have an issue or want to discuss further.
    This was cleared up for a couple of years and then on September 14, 2017 I was told that I had to pay for ice, so this is what I wrote to Clint. "I don't know if you are still the district supervisor over this area still. I can't believe that I have to argue with your store employees over ice, again. I shop in your store, pretty much every day. I took my own glass into the store this morning to get some ice and the girl behind the counter told me that from now on, they will have to charge for ice. I understand why you would charge if I went in there and got one of your glasses and put ice in it. I do not understand why you would charge for ice when I use my own glass. I can go across the street and get ice free in one of THEIR glass. If it is true that I will have to pay for ice, I will start shopping at the other convenience store. They have the same items that you have. I use your store because it is a habit. Please let me know if it is true that you are now charging for ice in my own glass"
    I did not get an answer from Clint, so I wrote to Customer Service. This is the answer that I got September 15, 2017 "Thank you for reaching out to us. I know it seems petty but I’m pretty sure it is true that they are to charge for the ice. I am sorry that I am unable to change that."
    If Kum & Go corporation is so money hungry that they can't even give away 2 cents worth of ice to a customer that has their own cup, I think that we will go across the street where we are treated with some appreciation for shopping there.


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