Get it Now Corporate Office Headquarters

Get it Now Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 5501 Headquarters Drive
Plano, TX 75024
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-801-1100
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-972-801-1100

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  1. get it now don't have good customer service in fondulac wi

  2. Get it Now has terrible customer service in Neenah, Wi. There merchandise is so cheap and they take forever to fix it and expect you to go without plus make the payments. This is the 2nd time I have had issues with them. First time understandable but not a second time. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau.

  3. I will never do business with Get it Now again,I order my furniture on the 24, never once did they call to keep me updated . I will cal them so I call on the 23rd on the following month the furniture came that day but couldn't receive it til the 31st.. over a month to wait for my furniture ...#not pleased

  4. The Get It Now store on 11th and Mitchell. In Milwaukee Wisconsin 53204 has very very poor customer service. I would like to file a complaint because I have been with you guys to long. I am a Diamond Customer. How can I do that?

  5. There south 27 street milwaukee wi is horribke store poor serveies never call back when they say give you broken merchandise and then make excuses to fix it. Never again will we go thru that ghetto ass store again they seriously need to there what customer service is in that store poor shit services and will be making a report to the better business Bureau

    1. Ment to put learn in that

  6. I have gotten aa computer living room set stove fridge n TV from get it now on 11th n Mitchell Milwaukee and everything has broken in less than year.they took my TV for 3 weeks lost it then cracked the screen. Had to replace my living room set n that one fell apart 3 months later.stove oven stopped working 6 months later still waiting for it to be fixed n my fridge just stopped working.everything in the fridge part is warm but freezer is still working. Computer stopped working a few days after getting it. I'm so done with this company. I'm ready to stop paying on all of it.and let them take me to court.I will be calling 2morrow to the store n corporate on Monday.if I don't get a few months free or the money of all the food I just had to put in the trash things will get real nasty in the courts.

  7. The Get It Now store in West Allis Wisconsin have terrible customer service they are rude the manager hits on everybody that goes in there they don't want to fix things when it's broke and they're not easy to work with stay away from the store whatever you do.


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