Fuccillo Automotive Corporate Office Headquarters

Fuccillo Automotive Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: E Main St.
Adams, NY 13605
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-315-232-3222
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-315-232-3222

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  1. It's International Women's Day. Could someone please tell Mr Fucillo that how he treats Maddy on his commercials is sexual harassment? It's 2015..you don't touch your employees !!! you don't put your arm around them and pull them into you !! a number of women I've mentioned this to say how uncomfortable it makes them feel..the poor girl looks scared. I am outraged. Doesn't anybody vet his commercials?. He slapped his son in one of them. The guy is out of control !

  2. The commercials with Maddie scream inappropriate. Maddie's body language is quite apparent that she is not comfortable being near him and being grabbed by him. She pretty consistently steps away from him in them as soon as she has a chance to do so. ps- I know just as many guys that are put off by these commercials.

  3. Id totally love to grab Maddies ass

  4. I have had two separate-bad experiences buying cars from the Fuccillo's in Seneca Falls. My experience has been, they sell a car and forget you! My first bad experience was minor that is why I gave them a second chance. I will NEVER give them another penny! In Dec of 2014, I bought a 2014 Ford Taurus with 28,000 miles. A couple (3-4 months)after I bought the car I c/o about the breaks making noise. they supposedly checked them and had to "blow the dust out". I understand the breaks make dust so I assumed everything was ok. The breaks continued to make noise but it just got worse and the car started to take longer to stop. I could see the difference big time. Now it was summer time and I took it back. The news I got was that my car was dangerous to drive and the back breaks, calipers and rotors needed to be replaced!!! I still had less than 40,000 miles on it so how can that be? Let me tell you how that can be....they lied the first time I took in giving enough time for the warranty to run out! So I had this work done somewhere else and reported the to consumer reports. Now One year later-Dec 2015 when the inspection was due-the car did not pass inspection due to wires that were eroded and broke completely in half causing my lights over the license plate to not work. AMAZING right? Not really-when I left the garage that inspected the vehicle-I went to Fuccillo's to let them know about the issue. After speaking with the manager of sales-he basically told me I was lying about bringing the car in to have my breaks checked prior to the time that is documented in the computer when it says I needed all the break work done :). When I told him I have the paperwork he replied "well then you didn't c/o to right person" i would have done whatever I could to make you happy because we want our customers satisfied. Then he had the nerve to say.." I remember trying to make you happy when you purchased the car- I gave you mats because you wanted them" I told him-yes you did...crappy dirty ones from another used vehicle but they worked until I could purchase new ones, he acted like he did me a huge favor! I also reminded him of how they did another female friend of mine who purchased a used vehicle in Dec. 2014 as well. This vehicle had bad tires and when a man looked over the car just weeks after her purchase-the air filter looked like it had never been changed before. It was clogged with debris. When they were confronted with this they refused to reimburse her for the money she was out to replace these items. Also the gentlemen who performed my inspections-said he purchased a truck from there and because of issues- 4 months later he bought another vehicle from somewhere else.

  5. I had really bad experience at Wesley Chapel Kia in Florida they tell me I am approved for a car with $150 down plus a check for $850 to be held for thirty days. Well they charged me twice for the $150. then I wanted my money back was told by Adelso a sales manager that I had to give them my debit card for a refund. So another trip there. Then he goes through my entire bank statement which is a violation of my privacy and asked about two additional deposits I had saying are you dealing drugs on the side did not appreciate that at all. Then they give me a so called refund receipt for $150 dated on 9/5/2016 that ends up being another $150 out of my account without my permission. Last time I checked that's theft. Only have one signed receipt from me for $150 but have taken out $450 only refunded $150 at the beginning on 9/3/2016 and never had authority to hold out the other $300. And I have the bank statements to prove their theft and that so called refund receipt dated 9/5/2016. People need to stay away they will steal from you and lie about it. Then ignore your calls as they know they have done wrong. Plus Billy says he contact you when you email him that's a lie to he never has contacted me at all shows he is not a respectful businessman just out to rip you off stay away people he needs put out of business for fraud and stealing


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