Fazoli's Corporate Office Headquarters

Fazoli's Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 2470 Palumbo Dr. Lexington, KY 40509
Website: http://www.fazolis.com
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-859-268-1668
Fax Number: 1-859-268-2263
Customer Service Number: 1-859-268-1668

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  1. I visited the Fazolis in Council Bluffs, Ia on june 13, 2016 on my way to work and to my shock and surprise when I had time to eat the dinner I had purchased there how disappointing it was. I ordered penne pasta with extra alfredo and sausage and mushroom to be added. I paid $1.00 for mushrooms and had 2 tiny pieces of mushrooms in the entire bowl, I also paid $1.50 for italian sausage and found only 3 tiny slivers of sausage in the entire bowl. Not only did I not get extra alfredo sauce, I barely had 2 tablespoons of sauce in the entire dish. That was by far the most dry pasta that I have ever had. Now I understand a company needing to make money, but this is ridiculous. Pasta is one of the cheapest dishes to make and to serve a dish of food like that to a customer is what will drive you right out of business. I called and talked to the manager of that store and his initial response to me was, "some mushrooms are larger than others". When he discovered that was not an appropriate answer then I started to get some descent customer service. He told me to bring the dish right back and he would make it right. I had already told him that I was at work and didn't get off until 11:00 pm. so that was not a possibility, so he offered to send me a coupon for a complimentary entree. Which is fine, but chances are I won't use it because of the quality of food that I received the first time. I suggest you do the math and multiply that response to dozens of customers and see just how long it takes for word to spread about the quality of your food.

    a very disappointed customer....
    Alice Miller

  2. You need to check the people you hire to be managers. The restaurant in jackson michigan hires uneducated people to work.

  3. Do NOT frequent the Fazoli's in Mansfield OH--the staff here is totally incompetent. I ordered meals for a Christmas luncheon for my staff and asked they be ready at noon--I arrived shortly before noon and waited 30 minutes for my order to be ready! (My staff only has from 12:15 to 12:45 for lunch so it defeated the whole purpose). The manager, Austin, ensured me he had verified all items were in the carry-out, after the 30 minute wait time. When I arrived back at work, over HALF of the items were missing from the bag--all items I had paid for. This warranted another trip to the store, and had I not checked the second order for accuracy, IT WOULD HAVE ALSO BEEN WRONG!! This is three times in 4 weeks this sorry excuse for a business has not been able to handle a simple carry out order. We will no longer be frequenting their establishment---pathetic!!

  4. Mold was discovered in almost every container of Parmesan cheese. The containers are left out every night. This occurred at the Montgomery,Al location.


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