Factory Connection Corporate Office Headquarters

Factory Connection Corporate Office Headquarters
Address:2300 Highway 79 S Guntersville, AL 35976
Corporate Phone Number:1-888-713-3984
Fax Number:n/a
Customer Service Number:1-888-713-3984

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  1. Hello,
    I visited one of your stores Friday May 22,2015. I walked in the store at approximately 6:50pm. I know the store closes at 7pm but I only needed to pick something up I saw previously. As soon as I walked in the door I hear someone say and I quote " We finna close so you may wanna get what you gone get". I was taken aback and very shocked to hear someone speak to a customer in this manner. So I asked the young lady " Is this the way you treat your customers, no welcome to our store, no how can I help you?' She then stated yes maam this is how its done I'm letting you know because I will be shutting the register down". The young lady's tone was very rude and inpatient. I proceeded to walk to the counter and stop one of you assistant manager Jessica Williams. I asked Jessica " May I have your corporate number please?" Jessica waved her hand and pointed to the lady behind the counter and stated "she will give it to you" and walked away. She did not try to assist and made it very clear she didnt want to assist. As Jessica walked off I asked " maam your the assistant manager and can not give me the coporates number"? , she said " I told you she will give you the number, and my name is Jessica Williams by the way" I finally made it to the counter and manager Melinda Barnes stated with a smirk on her face "ma'am I'll handle her" I said "no ma'am I think this is a corporate matter, your associate is really rude." The young lady that yelled at me when I walked in the door then stated "I aint no associate, IM A MANAGER"!!! She then proceeded to walk to the counter stating " let me give you this number so you can go". All three managers had smirks on their face and laughing. I have never been treated like this in a store, and I just can not believe management acted that way. I have told my friends, family, coworkers, bloggers to never every shop with Factory Connection.

  2. I bought two hats for a church function and didn't end up needing them but when I tried to return them the sales associate informed me that I can't because they were on sale. So I asked her so if I had a shirt that didn't fit I wouldn't be able to return it either? And she said no. This policy is unfair. Im upset because I wasn't informed of the policy


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