Stay Lodge Corporate Office Headquarters

Stay Lodge Corporate Office Headquarters
Extended Stay Network, Inc.
3505 Highgate Hills Drive
Duluth, GA 30097 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-678-957-1752
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number:1-678-957-1752

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  1. During the snow storm In Woodstock, Ga. the Stay Lodge closed their doors and refused to even let anyone sit inside their Lobby, having no rooms is one thing (which I do not believe) but putting up a closed sign and refusing
    to let someone just sit in the lobby. Shame on you!

  2. Dont go to florence ky; stay lodge on 8035 action blvd. People who work there are on drugs.look at there faces.will these people lose there jobs.

  3. October 3, 2015 Stay Lodge at 106 Woodpark BLVD. Do Not Stay Here!!! This place is completely awful if I could get my money back for the time I have paid for, I would burn rubber leaving this hole. First the office personnel should be flogged with a water hose. Especially PAM!!! Who hired this person and what drugs were you on? This old bag of rude person should have retired about a century ago! Its not ok to argue with those who are paying your check. Yes keep on acting like you are doing me a favor by being here! You simply are not even reall that good. this place WAS the cheapest in town but now with the cough cough luxury taxes that have been imposed. What Luxury 1 the office staff is RUDE! I don't want to argue about towels, i don't want to make several trips to the closed office a day for towels. I just want a clean towel! If you don't want to supply clean stuff then just stop!!! its not a favor, so stop acting like it is! Fix the stupid WiFi here this is ridiculous every other hotel in this area has functioning WiFi even McDonald's WiFi works and no its not a favor either. could please fix the phones, and cable TV also. Since we are not allowed to go outside EVER and since everything here is broke, non-functioning, or out of order! My bathroom ceiling is falling, there are bugs, and the 500 pound, marijuana smoking individual above me isn't helping things any either.Every time this person stomps on the floor the building shakes and the popcorn from the ceiling falls off, and everyone but the cops who frequent this place have smelled his obsessive pot smoking it freaking stinks and there are kids that stay here too! I don't do drugs, I don't smoke cigarettes, i don't even drink! I work, I pay for my room on time, and i don't complain (until now)! I am really sick of the behavior of the office staff here! I am also sick of paying for things I am not getting (like clean towels and wash clothes) so much so that i am thinking about taking it up with the woodstock city manager and town hall. Not to mention my own lawyer! If you Don't care then I am sure Woodstock can find someone to take over this property that will and that will be more according to their future plans for woodstock! Signed Sick to death!

    1. If you read the reviews from here, and Google, you would see how rude she is, and I've also experienced it. She has banged on my door early in the morning (I work nights) and called me names and threatened to have me thrown out if I ever "talked to anyone else that way." The reason she was banging on my door? Because the day before she forgot to come back and pick something up like she said she would, and when she came to the door the next morning she said that I was told to "bring it down to the office first thing this morning." She said the day before she would be back in 5 min to pick up the thing, but never returned. Even if she had said bring it down in the morning(which she didn't) we pay 800 dollars a month for this tiny little room, why should I have to bring anything down to you that you brought to me in the first place Pam? Especially when I never requested the item in the first place. Then as she is banging on my door I did curse a bit, nothing bad, "hold on dammit" is all I said because she was continuously knocking even after I told her I would be just a second. She threatened to kick me out for saying that. I know as a company you hear a lot of legal threats, but I can't even post this complaint in full detail without worrying if she will see it and take out some personal vendetta against me for making a complaint. I will screen shot this complaint and forward it to my family lawyer, and that way if there is any action taken against me I will have evidence that it was because I complained. Customers shouldn't be afraid to complain.

  4. In Florence stay lodge workers want to judge their customers n tell them they have to leave when they rent to pay there no there no where says if you ain't there pass three days you can't be there no more n wanted to kick someone out where they don't have no where's to go an gave them 185 dollars a week to get told I had to leave this is fucked up and need to be took care of cause it bullshit


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