CookOut Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters

CookOut Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters
Cook Out - Capital Blvd, LLC
25 N. Ridgewood Ave., Suite 200
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Official Website:
Email: Contact Cookout Restaurant
Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-431-1094
Fax Number: 1-336-544-45085
Customer Service Number: 1-866-547-0011

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  1. Please add baked beans to your truly American cookout is complete without baked beans. Love you restaurants. Great food.baked beans on your menu will increase your total revenue by 8% yearly. They will sell.they will accent every thing on your me.

  2. I have had by far the worst experience no one not two but three to four bad times I had there first the employees are nasty and dirty there's no sanitary anywhere I had ate a fly there also it was someone's fungous toenail in my tray when I confronted the gm he denied that I ever been there when he took my order he asked for my Id And my recipe for some odd reason I mentioned that i was going to call corporate n he snatched my tray and was very disrespectful I took pictures. I just want something done about this I'm a very loyal customer. The location is on highway 70 in durham the general manager name is either Jim or steve

  3. We loved Outback when it first came to Bowling Green, eatting there several times a week, but last night when we went in to eat, we ordered hamburgers and corndogs, the hamburgers were cut in half and put on two sandwiches and burnt to a crisp on two sandwiches, the corn dogs were also so burnt they were not a golden brown, but also burnt and cold, all the food was awful, no napkins in the dispensers, the trash cans were over flowing. We wondered why the parking lot was empty the last couple of times we drove by, and now we know. We won't be back, there are too many places here in Bowling Green to spend our dollar than to buy burnt food.

  4. We need one in commerce Georgia.


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