Levi Strauss Corporate Office Headquarters

Levi Strauss Corporate Office Headquarters
Levi Strauss & Co.
1155 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111 USA
Website: http://www.levistrauss.com
Email: Email Form

Levi Strauss Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-501-6000
Fax Number: 1-415-501-7112
Dockers: 1-800-362-5377
Signature: 1-888-411-5384
Customer Service Number: 1-800-872-5384

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  1. please for the love of everything fun and stylish please bring back mens bellbottom levis

  2. CEO Chip Bergh,

    Hi Chip,

    I'm only one raindrop in the marketplace storm, but your recent comments describing your position on my 2nd amendment right to protect myself in your store compels me to part ways after 40 years of extreme customer loyalty. How many mall shootings have we read about in the past few years? Do you have armed guards in your stores? What steps are you taking to protect me and my family in your establishments? None? Then shut up and let me protect myself and those I care about. I'm not the bad guy that shoots up malls, I'm the quiet guy in the corner that puts an end to rampages such as that mentioned ten minutes before the cops show up. You may not like it because an individual possessing a lawfully owned and used firearm frightens you or makes you uncomfortable, but for those of us who have encountered the violence of bullies and thugs it's the only reasonable TIMELY prescription. Sorry, I've filled out too many police reports half an hour after their services were needed to care about your "feelings" over legally owned firearms.

    I find it amazingly ironic that your brand image was founded on rugged individualism matched to equally rugged style, fit, and quality. Yet after viewing your website I see that you have changed the scheme of the company to emphasize your commitment to unrelated green philosophy more than a focus on your product. While I unerringly support sustainability and responsible use of natures bounty, this philosophy is a given that every US company should emulate, not a marketing strategy. Pull your big boy pants up, get back to the core values that built your brand, and stop whining about people like myself who take our commitment to protecting our lives and the lives of our significant others seriously. Until then we will part ways and I will support your competitors who demonstrate the values and principles this country and your company were founded on.


  3. Stopped purchasing your product. You want no guns....we don't want your product. BOYCOTT.

  4. I am now switching to Lee brand due to this insane policy. Buhbye.

  5. Sad that you have decided to take such a stand. Undoubtedly your product sales will reflect also this stand. Personally, my purchases will go elsewhere.


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