Everest College Corporate Office Headquarters

Everest College Corporate Office Headquarters
Corinthian Colleges Inc.
6 Hutton Centre Drive Suite 400
Santa Ana, CA 92707 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-427-3000
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-888-223-8556

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  1. I would like to Thank Everest for laying off very helpful people at my school. I had never missed a payment or anything somehow Ms. Perry would or Mr. Galace would find out wat my user name and password was so I could make a payment. I dont have my books due to the fact that I cant remember my password or my username and I dont have time to create a new one in the next hour I need my book for highlights I tried to get it yesterday and had the same trouble today I am informed if I pay by phone its five dollars more well I dont have five dollars more I am seriously pissed with Everest making changes here is a news flash talk to the students and see what we want as opposed to you all up on high thinking it's the teachers or whoever else u choose to accuse as to why people arent showing up I have watched and I have seen how so many caring people and loving people have been laid off and these same people were the ones to get me back after I quit now I am almost finished and I probably wont finish because some JackAss figured they knew what was best for me again Next time ask the student and stop guessing what the problem is.... People arent coming because they have real life problems outside of EVEREST!!

  2. I went to school at the Southfield campus and i took medical coding class that cost me $16000.00 and stll can notpas sthetest they DID NOT PREPARE US FOR CODING AT ALL.. It was all basically billing and littel coding... they couldnot get a externships as coders , just misc jobs in health care places.. I went to take the test twice and failed , now working as a biller but I went to school for coding , iwasted all this money and I fell I should not have to pay forsomething I did not get anything out of I could have read coding book s myself and taught myself better than that school do not waste your money i want to file a civil suit it is a rip off

  3. I graduated in July from Everest University in Tampa Florida and can not get my diploma due a supposed Genesis loan issue, yet the people at Genesis Leading Service told there is no issue on their end because I have been paying may loans as instructed. I wish I would have never went t this school, especially now that I am over $60,000 in student loan debt. This school just wants to take your money so please don't go there.

  4. With hardly any issues of attendance, I got let go from my extern and harassed by some people in the career services. Probably due to downsizing of staff. I was two days into being sick when I first started my externship. The employer kept sending me home or having me stay home. I was told to come in to sign a displinary paper for my attendance at this externship. For being sick I get a letter about a risk of getting dropped from the program. For being sick? Something beyond my control? Now I have to find my own externship site within 14 days (including weekends) or I'll be dropped. Why find my own place while career services gets credit and paid? I love the program but management sucks.

  5. I just want to start off by saying that Everest - Atlanta campus is a complete joke. Specifically the career services department. The staff from Jonesboro came in and completely ruined everything.

    I was told that if the school didn't have a contract with certain facilities that the student wanted to attend let them know so a contract could be put in place. These steps were followed but it seems that myself (the student) did all the work. It's days away from my last day and I don't have a site. I've been in contact with the people that I gave to the school and they haven't heard from them.

    These types of issues is what gives Everest the bad name it has now. I tried to overlook the bad reputation this school has but I hate to say it this school is a joke!


  6. I think you should take the time to re evaluate Michelle lawrence as campus president........she is an alcoholic. ......always smelled of booze in staff meetings, she is not people or student friendly.


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