DTI Properties Corporate Office Headquarters

DTI Properties Corporate Office Headquarters
1907 Dartmouth
College Station, TX  77840
Corporate Phone Number: 1-979-693-8922
Corporate Fax Number: 1-979-693-5201

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  1. The Kingsville Tx. DTI properties are unbearable to live in, do not rent with DTI. The properties are underfunded facilities win no room for improvement.

  2. The Eagle Crest Apartments are terrible I have lived here for a year
    maintenance never comes to fix anything. Office staff terrible lies about
    everything. Bed bug and roaches, residents kids making noise and tears
    things up. Can't wait to move.

  3. I am also having a terrible roach problem they are in my couches, microwave, refrigerator....I'm miserable I have a baby due in December and I don't know how this is going to affect his health.

  4. Dti properties are old but can still be maintained nice, but DTI is a horible company thier properties reflect.


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