Dixie Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

Dixie Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters
1215 Rebsamen Park Road
Little Rock, AR  72202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-501-666-3494
Corporate Fax Number: 1-501-666-8900

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  1. I hope I have the right place in the cafe restaurant here in Russellville Arkansas on SundayJun 16 2014 I understand that it was a busy day but we reached there about 1:00pm and it seems as though we would have not too long a wait we were never told just how long a wait but it looked to be about 15 to 30 minutes I overheard the young lady say we need 2 tables for 5 and a 7and that seven had been waiting a while. We needed a table for five . We waited other people were coming in and being seated tables for two's three's and even four's We waited and waited We waited 45 minutes an watching very closely as other were being seated before us .No one ever came to say a word to us .By this time the two children with us were beginning to get very fidgety and of course hungry. So I went to check the list our name was next with two other names below us already crossed off. But seeing that we should be nexted call oil didn't say anything .In the next 10 minutes two other tables were called of larger groups where tables had to be joined together to be able to seat them. May I remind you that had come in way after us.So I went asked what was going on . She says oh they were already here . I stated that I had been watch the people coming in after us and that we had been there for almost an hour and that I didn't believe that to be true .SHE SAYS I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. Well that attitude really bothered me and the manner in which she said it so I formed her that maybe she could find a table for four since I no longer want to eat there and her reply was to roll her eyes at me I have worked in the restaurant and public for over 40 years and I believe that is not the way things should be handled..This was the Dixie Cafe in Russellville Arkansas. Our family have eaten often But that experience has really bothered me has been on my mind as you can see for 3 days I had to say something about it

    1. I truly would like to hear a reply from you all (corporate office) I can be reached at 479 857 2980 Ms.Barbara Jones. . ..thank you for your time


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