Geek Squad Corporate Office Headquarters

Geek SquadCorporate Office Headquarters
Best Buy Co., Inc. Address:
7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-612-291-1000
Fax Number: 1-612-292-4001
Customer Service Number: 1-800-433-5778

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  1. I purchased three Verizon phones from Best Buy and put a 30 day policy on the phones until the Verizon policy kicked in which was at the end of March. After our Verizon plan kicked in we cancelled Geek Squad. This was in March. It is May 10th 2014 and Geek Squad has went into our account and stole 70 dollars out of account. We have been getting the run around when asked why this has happened and they are keep telling us because we had a protection plan with them. Before I consult my attorney about this issue, I want to give the corporate side of the industry a chance to rectify this situation. Because in the eyes of the Law this is theft.

  2. I have used the Geek Squad remotely and each time they added problems to my computer instead of fixing it. Yesterday they spent 8 hours on it and then said they couldn't fix it remotely. I took it to my local Best Buy and a technician there said they had turned off a lot of my Microsoft Services which was causing a lot of problems. He said he would restore it to factory fresh at no extra cost to me due to the remote squads damage that was caused. What a disgrace! The remote Squad should be shut down. I also think a good attorney should be able to "Rip them a New One".

    1. I had the same type of problem 3 times in less than 3 weeks.

  3. Without getting into it I will steal off of Best Buy until I have re-cooped my $400.00

  4. I purchased my first smart phone from best buy in january , I was talked into the 11.00 a month insurance ... a few days later at&t offered me a better insurance at half the cost so I cancelled with geek squad and was told they would send me my prepaid months premium of 11.49
    I have called 4 times and spoke to many different departments and I keep getting he run around
    I just want my 11.49 back ... this is horrible customer service and word of mouth is the best or in this case worse advertisement

  5. Cannot depend on Geek Squad called them for emergency services willing to pay extra fees for emergency services, no one ever showed up. Received one call from their dispatch to say all geek squad employees were in a meeting REALLY NO ONE IS AVAILABLE AND 4 days later haven't heard from them. WOW NOW THAT'S SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. They remotely destroyed my computer and years of work and $$$ worth of programs that cannot be restored. I complained and changed my bank numbers. Since then they have been calling and harassing me daily knowing I am very Ill. Worst experience of my life.

  7. I called Geek Squad This Morning for a problem with my wireless printer. Upon giving my account information, I was told that my email address (the only one I gave them) was no longer valid and that someone with a g-mail address was attached to my account. The Geek Agent refused to give me the email address of the imposter even though it was my account. I had them remove it and instantly I received an email that changes were made to my account. I did not, however receive any alerts through email that it had been changed to someone's gmail email address. When I called back this evening, I was transferred 8 times to no one that could help, even though each time I was supposedly was been transferred to the Agent's superior (a lie of course). The last agent insisted that I write a letter to the cooperate office which would have taken days to arrive, and even more days for a response after days spent on someone's desk waiting on job motivation. Having my account, that I PAY FOR, being hacked it too urgent to wait that long, especially when I suspect a Geek Squad Agent of doing the hacking! Needless to say, I got the cooperate office number online, and called only to have the person insist that I give her all of my complaint and she would pass it to her supervisor. I gave her my phone number and said to have her supervisor call me. No one has yet. I Geek Squad protection ends in June, and not only am I dissapointed with the service (and lack there of) I have received of late to the extent renewal is out of the question, several friends witnessed the phone exchange and was appalled enough they will no longer renew their Geek squad service. Also, I recorded the entire phone exchange (on speaker phone) and will post it on youtube soon as I have time to edit the video. Watch for it so you will know what to expect from this over-priced, insecure and crappy service. Buyer BEWARE!

  8. I have been working with Best Buy and Geek squad since May 2017 as he erroneously charged me for a renewal that was not my account. I have left messaged and spoken to several supervisors, still not resolved. I need for the charges to be reimbursed. Very poor customer service follow up and assistance when may people within our billing and back office group have not been able to resolved this. Disappointed!!

  9. TRied using the on-line feedback link on the GS website and it doesn't work. This morning, around 9-9:30 am EST, I was on line trying to get some tech assistance. I was told by the GS rep that everyone was very busy, for probably 9 hours, and that it would be best if I called back tomorrow. I asked why GS would be so busy on a Sunday morning. Never did get an answer. I disconnected from this person. I tried again and worked with a woman named Tanya who was very helpful. and we connected in 10 minutes or so. seems to me that the first contact I had ( a male) did not want to work today. Very poor customer service.


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