BAYADA Home Health Care Corporate Office Headquarters

BAYADA Home Health Care Corporate Office Headquarters
290 Chester Avenue
Moorestown, NJ  08057
Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-231-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-856-231-1955

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  1. I would like to comment on Bayada bucks.At first I thought that it was nice to have.But,then I thought that it would be to get gas cards,movie ticket's,credit cards towards pizza,groceries,fast foods,thrift stores. I myself do not have any children, but I do speak for all.I feel that gas card's would really show appreciation for the ones who drives out of their way for a client.I really feel that Bayada will have a better turn out.Think about someone an item to show appreciation suppose to be personal.How can it be personal with your name on it,or have to work for months or years till you guys feel that we are deserving for Bayada bucks?I really feel that if you ask any of the CNAs they would feel the same way,they will feel that you was really thinking about them.Hey even a card for a free oil change,cause traveling from client to client especially in ALL types of weather (it shows that Bayada understands)

  2. It's ridiculous that the agency allows the nurses to call in 30 minutes before the shift starts therefore leaving the caregiver to have to call in from their job. Which has happened a couple of times. Can never find get nurses to fill in when one calls out. Does not make the hours up that were not cover by the agencyand continue to bill medicaid for the service. Bayada's job is to have service for the family,but to continue to have the same problems year after year and things don't get any better is ridiculous. Need a whole new policy make over for their nursing staff. Make them responsible for when they call out. They need to make them find a sub to fill in for them when the need to be off or call out,and if that sub call out hold them liable. Just so frustrated with this agency in monroe,nc

  3. Bayada is ridiculous with $9 hrly pay this is a worldwide company and i believe the aides shld be getting paid more for the job we do we (the aides) shows tlc to our clients and my clients personally told they wld not have made it this far without me and those words alone makes me wonder why are the ones that works in the office sitting on their butts for 8hrs getting paid more than the aides the only reason why im still with bayada is because of my clients but its a shame that the pay is not even enough to pay your bills in New Jersey they are cheap and sad


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