Eppicard Corporate Office Headquarters

Eppicard Corporate Office Headquarters
Xerox Business Services, LLC
formerly ACS Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
2828 North Haskell
Dallas, TX 75204
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-841-6111
Fax Number: 1-214-823-9369
Customer Service Number: See Your State Listed on Eppicard's website
Website: https://www.eppicard.com

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  1. Eppicard Customer Service needs an email address for people to access. Calling customer service doesn't have much value since they just look at what information you are looking at on the website and they continue to tell you to wait a few more days and in the meantime your check never arrives in your account, very frustrating.

  2. Eppicard rejected my unemployment funds and sent them back to unemployment who seem to be mystified money is now lost.

  3. my card has plenty of balance but for some reason it wont work. no way to contact an actual representative for eppicard to help me figure it out. terrible service

  4. oook,here we go!!!!first of all,i signed up for Indiana unemployment on jan 1st. 2014,took a bit to hash out issues that should not have been,aaaaanyway,my EPPICARD,was issued on 1/15/14. I did not receive it till 2/22/14.by that time Indiana had released around 1800$to the card&since I didn't receive the card,i couldn't access my money.i called eppicard&,(like iv read on a bitch blog that someone set up,that I read over 50 complaints out of the 300 that were there),was they didn't receive their card either,or they had some kind of fraud on their card,every complaint I read was in 1 or a nother way related to what I went thru!only because of that blog,i found out how to talk to a real person&got the same results!!!rude,iggornant&flat out unprofessional supervisors!!!got hung up on twice,threanted once&finally lost it myself and voiced my displeasure!well my complaint was......I got my unemployment on my card,went to a gas station,tried this usless card at the pump,(yea,yea,i know,the merchant has the ability,if needed,to hold up to 100$for 3 days,weeeeeeell,my card was declined at the pump.so I hit cancle&then hit pay inside.so I pumped 35$in gas,went inside,used it as debit.well when I checked my account,i was 75$light!!!!bottom line,eppicard is holding 75$of MY money..........for this merchant(that I talked to&they have no reason to hold my money..........IT WAS DECLINED!!!!!)eppicard would not say they were holding it,well they blamed it on the oil co. first,then the state of in Diana,then,after I demanded to know who is holding my money,refused to admit they were!!! THEIR FLAT OUT THIEVES,LIARS&WELL........SCUM!!!! IF U GOT ANOTHER OPPTION,TAKE IT,THERE SOULY THERE TO FU-- YOU IN THE A-S&GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!!WE AS U.S CITIZENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!PLZ,LETS BAND TOGETHER&SHUT THESE CROOKS DOWN!!!

  5. This company is a joke.. Red boxx

  6. My EPPI/MasterCard in which I receive my child support was compromised on June 19, 2015. Exactly one day after the child support was credited to the account. The card was used at a Target in Brooklyn, NY. I contacted EPPI card to make a claim. I was told it would be 90 days before they would credit or deny my claim. Deny my claim, why in the world would my claim be denied and why 90 days. Upon doing research regarding EPPI card I discovered that this is the norm for the card and many people never see their money again. People have lost their apartments, could not get prescriptions filled, or feed their children because of the delay and denial of claims. I also learned that the largest breach at Targets involved these EPPI cards. Of course people who are relaying on their funds are being taken advantage of by EPPI/Xerox/CoAmerica! I would like to know what can be done to stop this company from taking people's money that they are depending on every month. Also, I would like to know how or when I can receive my credit of $250.00. I strongly believe that the State of Florida should not hire the services of a company that hurts so many financially. I do understand that someone had the responsibility in Florida to say yes or no to using this payment method and doing away with mailing checks. The bottom line is that using the EPPI MasterCard saved revenue at the state level but costs the people of Florida and other states. In the long run it will cost the State of Florida money if people cannot receive their support payments one way or another.


  7. Epicc Card services is a complete scam!!!! My card was compromised they advised me I had to file a claim. I asked if they can email the paperwork or fax the paperwork because for some reason after 3 requests I never received it. Finally I wrote up a letter myself and sent it to the requested PO Box only to be told they have yet to receive the letter and the claim will be closed in 45 days mean while I spent a month non stop try to pursue these fraudulent charges!!!! Trying to get a manager to help is impossible and this all happened during the holiday season!!! My children went with out and this company can careless the charges are over 300.00 and pretty much I was told it was just a loss!!!!!! This is completely ran by crooks!!!


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