Eppicard Corporate Office Headquarters

Eppicard Corporate Office Headquarters
Xerox Business Services, LLC
formerly ACS Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
2828 North Haskell
Dallas, TX 75204
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-841-6111
Fax Number: 1-214-823-9369
Customer Service Number: See Your State Listed on Eppicard's website
Website: https://www.eppicard.com


  1. Eppicard Customer Service needs an email address for people to access. Calling customer service doesn't have much value since they just look at what information you are looking at on the website and they continue to tell you to wait a few more days and in the meantime your check never arrives in your account, very frustrating.

  2. Eppicard rejected my unemployment funds and sent them back to unemployment who seem to be mystified money is now lost.


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