Brookdale Senior Living Corporate Office Headquarters

Brookdale Senior Living Corporate Office Headquarters
111 Westwood Place
Brentwood, TN  37027
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-221-2250
Corporate Fax Number: 1-615-221-2289
Customer Service Number: 1-866-785-9025

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  2. don't fix the bus

  3. You really need to keep a close eye on who you let run your facilities. They hire hire caregivers' that have no background in the field and you are paying the caregivers and med techs to much. Because of lack of experience your residents are leaving.

    1. Yes it true!! On willoughby ohio kisser c.f.. a bunch of RA's are getting away with sleeping on job.they have a circle of RA's that text each other that supervisor is coming so they start acting like thier busy.always on their cell phone through the work day.supervisor has too many favorites that get away with everything . I feel really upset and sad seeing this.....I'm afraid to say my name because I would get fired.I been here over a year,and doing my best.but when there's too many in that circle,I have to stay quiet,I really hope it gets cleaned up.even resident families see this

  4. That's so total true. That's residents leave is because of the care from inexperienced people.

  5. Brookdale Bristol does not live up to it standards. I was told my mother would get services she paid for and it would never done, unacceptable. She never got a survey from Brookdale on her care.

  6. Brookdale reminds me of a great big dysfunctional family. The more corporate tries to control the less control they have. There is NO voice of the people who work or live in individual facilities. No indivuality. Each building run EXACTLY the same when an employee says that something doesn't work for their building it gets turned around to where it's that employees fault that it's not working. When residents say it's not working the care staff gets blamed for it not working. Residents told that the reason staff members leave is because they are mean to the staff members. Horrible way to run a business

  7. brookdale woodbridge ct needs to be looked at by corporate - the head person incharge on the kitchen goes into the hospital and now after 5 days they are running out of food, and the meal are not eatable. you pride your self on good dining and good service - brookdale woodbridge has none of them.
    need to hire people that have manners and care about their resident

  8. I am an RA currently at one of the facilities and I have to agree that most of the RA'S are on their phones . It also has allot to do with management some of them refuse to do their jobs and go against company rules. I was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection . Doctors were not sure I was going to make it and was yelled at by my supervisor that I was to find my own replacement when in the handbook it says to "assist" in finding one not do it for them. neither supervisor that I spoke with asked if I was okay and I nearly died. The one that yelled at me was rude and unprofessional. Half the things this company claims to be they are not and I have been in the healthcare care field nearly eight years over all as an in home health care assistant and in a hospital setting as an MST (MA). I am not sure what the other facilities are like but the one in Richland Hills while it has a few good staff most are not worth the pay they are getting. The management staff needs to be looked at most of the time they sit in their offices chatting and leave the RA's to do pretty much everything.

  9. Rosemary PopielarskiAugust 25, 2016 at 7:58 PM

    I took my Dad out of the Brookdale at245Bassett Road in Williamsville NY 14226 because they have no help to care for him. I found him one day sitting in excrement . They had cleaned him as he had an accident but they never changed dirty cloths or the chair and this is a service we pay for.
    They had no housekeeper for the two weeks before I took him out. My son and I were changing the bed and cleaning the bathroom.
    All the director ever says is that should not happen.
    Med techs, nurses and aides never all three. Either they did not hired the help, they call in or quiet.
    In fact they could never get the bill correct/
    I would haft to explain my Dad's care to the aides.
    To top it all off most of the staff especially the nurses never talk to you, the other staff members or the residents.
    All offices doors were shut and always in a meeting if the were there at all.
    If you love your family member do not send them to this place.

  10. Freedom Plaza was so beautiful when I looked at it a year ago. What happened? The backdrop sign was chipped and ugly while the flowerbed was full of grassy weeds when I saw it last August. Scratched it off my list. Too bad, because the indoor pool was so inviting.

  11. Your intention to raise the Monthly Service Fee by 2% is despicable! We senior residents do not get that much of a Social Security increase! How do you
    expect most of the residents to come up with that much of a monthly amount?? Do you accept us to go hungry just to pay that much???

  12. I was asked once what I think Brookdale does BEST, since all I talk about is the bad things they do. Well, I feel the same way. Recently my daughter died. I was grieving and everyone knew it. I did not get so much as a card, or even a HANDMADE card, or anything. Last night my dinner never came, they forgot it. This morning my meds were VERY LATE, and when I asked if she could go out and tell the cook I just wanted some hot cereal and some coffee, she came back and said she asked her. I said, "are they going to bring it to me"? And that nurse said, "oh, I didn't know they were still doing that"!! I said, "oh, I guess 3 days is the optimum here for grieving, huh". Then, the administrator came in over the weekend and said, "are you feeling better, I heard you had a rough time over this weekend, something about a death in the family or something, but then, I heard you two weren't that close, but still you gotta be upset". HOW COLD! Yes, that's what I like about this place! The warmth, the feeling of "family", and the caring of the staff. Thank you all.

  13. I am very disappointed with this company. I worked with them for a few months and over the few months that I was there. I saw a few things that I was not impressed with. They did not order food right and when we did not have everything on the menu at times and telling the residents that we do not have not something is not what we are suppose to do. There is a lot of favoritism, I was let go for something that did not happen and the residents do not even remember what happen. I have notice that there is a lot of things that go are wrong with Brookdale and I hear from residents how they charge for everything and how some of the things they say they are going to do they won't.

  14. these places are the worst places to put your family in...they r run by the worst people who have no compassion for anyone they only see the dollar signs. they hire people off the street with no training at all and let them pass narcotics. there is very rarely a nurse on duty, they treat employees terrible which in turn, has them treating residents terrible. and all these places have there favorites and there usually the worst employees. I WOULDN'T SEND MY WORST ENEMY TO THIS PLACE...


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