AHS Corporate Office Headquarters


AHS Corporate Office Headquarters

860 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN  38135
Corporate Phone Number: 1-901-537-8000

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  1. subcontractors no call no show then I have to go through hoops to get ahs to help. I have a contract with AHS not Sears. I should not need to call and find the techs you offer for your contracts.

  2. I have had this co. since I bought my house, 3 yrs ago. I have called many times. The company in general sucks. I am writing this now because I am sitting in my office and it is 94 degrees in my house for the past 3 days. I was able to make an apt for service to my AC for this coming Fri. I understand that happens,but my problem is this has been going on for the past 3 yrs. We had AC service here 3 times last summer. Our unit is very old and the service techs work very hard each time to keep it from being replaced ( a cost for AHS) with bandages, that always fail every summer. When I called for service I was on hold for FIFTY minutes to have someone finally pick up and tell me to call back in 30 min because they couldn't "access my records". I am sick of this company and plan on finding a new one soon. I want everyone to know this is how they do business.

    1. After three phone calls and waiting 47 minutes to speak to someone, I had the service man here for my air conditioner. He tells me he cannot fix a simple leak in the system until he gets an approval from AHS. I have a house full of people coming this week end and I need this unit fixed now. What is wrong with you? You are absolutely unorganized and I now must look for another company. Cannot wait to tell the whole state that you are the worst company to deal with.

  3. I am with you AHS SUCKS and I will not renew unless they come through in a GIGANTIC way! PLEASE READ!

    I recently had an issue with plumbing and the pool filter. Because of how the warrant was purchased, I did not know that the pool was included in the warranty. I hired a pool company to come out and open the pool and upon him checking, found that the filter was inoperable. I was told I would need a new filter. I had the filter replaced. Later on as I was doing some research on home warranties, I saw that the pool filter was part of the home warranty. I called AHS and was told that because I went outside the warranty I would not be reimbursed. I explained that because I didn’t purchase the Home Warranty, I did not know that the pool was covered. The young lady said that I should contact the claims department and maybe they could help. All I am asking for is to be reimbursed what AHS would have paid for a filter for my pool.
    Now to the plumbing issue, this was the third time I had to use the plan and it has been a nightmare. My sewage backed up in my basement bathroom shower. I had sewage and water everywhere. I called for the first time on 2 June 2017. The message said you will be contacted within 24 business hours. I was called on Monday June 5, 2017 and told that they could give me an appoint for Friday June 9th. I explained that was not acceptable. I called AHS explained the situation again and was given another plumber. I was told I had an appointment for Tuesday June 6, 2017 between 6pm & 10pm. Sitting at home waiting for the plumber, I get a phone call from the plumber saying they have an appointment available for Thursday June 8th. I explained that AHS said I had an appointment for this evening between 6 & 10pm. I was told that AHS cannot make appointments for the company and they cannot approve overtime. I called AHS again and the young lady was very professional, courteous, and understanding. She said that the ticket was entered incorrectly, it was not entered as an emergency. She in turn corrected this issue and I was told I would here from AHS in about an hour that she was trying to find a plumber. After an hour I had not heard from AHS so I called again for the 5th time. I was given Advance cleaning plumbing service. They showed up on June 7, 2017. We went down to the basement, they looked around and said that I would need an appointment for them to come back out. NOW I AM CONFUSED IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY SEWAGE ISSUE WHY WOULD YOU COME WITHOUT TOOLS, LOOK, LEAVE AND TELL ME I NEED AN APPOINTMENT!
    I called the plumbing company and made an appointment for June 12, 2017, mind you this sewage issue had been going on for 7 days and with the appointment it would be 10 days


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