Janie and Jack Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Janie and Jack Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
500 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA  94105
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-278-7000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-449-6932

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  1. I am very disappointed in the false advertising claims that were not honored by your online ad. I received an email offering "an additional 20% off" the already reduced prices for "one day only." When I placed my order I was told that the prices were already reduced by 20% and there was no additional offer. The rep even acknowledged that many people had complained about the same misleading email but nothing was honored. She was very rude to me as well. I have many options to buy expensive children's' clothing and will certainly look elsewhere. I hate misleading ads. Your clothes are lovely and expansive. Just don't lie n your direct emails to me. Not nice. I'm thinking of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. And Yelp...

  2. I agree I had the exact thing happen to me!

  3. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They DO NOT HONOR SALESPRICES. THEY MISLEAD. Never buy a gift card and make purchases with it. Always check your receipts.I had a horrible experience yesterday, 2 hours for a credit on a cash purchase with a receipt less than a week old and with all tags attached. Salesperson made 11 calls to local and district managers and no one could help her. It was EXTREMELY very fraustrating, stressful and tiring. 2 hours and 15 minutes and then after you drive and hour to take care of such a transaction, an hour back and 2 hours and 15 minutes for a credit or even exchange is uncalled for. I was asked to go back another day. I refused and Thank God until 8:57 p.m it got resolved but by exchanging a pair of shoes for another. And thats because I went in because I had been overcharged $ 23.00 on two items. The stores fault and then they had me make a cash purchase on a gift card to do an online purchase that went so wrong. Use a credit card always when doing on-line. Dont let the sale rep do that at the store or you will definitely get over charged on sales items...Promise. Just be cautious. Managment is not trained well, salesclerks are not either and their system is not set up to easily take care of you as they mention it is.

  4. I have a coupon stating that it's good for in-store and online purchase. The coupon expires on 1/31/16. I used it on 10/22/15 online but the site didn't accept the coupon code. I called in to Janie and Jack and the customer service representative told me that they had a promotion going on so that the coupon code couldn't be used on top of that promotion. So I waited till the promotion was over and used it on 10/25/15. The site still didn't accept the coupon. I called in again and this time they told me that the coupon code could only be used in-store and not online. This is completely different from what is stated on my coupon. They even made up the false accusation saying that some people would just print valid coupon code on fake coupon card. I am 100% sure that I got the coupon card from a 100% valid source. The Janie and Jack customer service is so unprofessional and they are not willing to solve your problem. As a top-notch apparel retailer in the nation, I think their customer service is under par. I rather go somewhere else for my children's clothing instead of to Janie and Jack again. For people who live not near by a Janie and Jack store, online purchase is the only solution. I can find a lot more better deal and better clothings online.

  5. While I like Janie and Jack and some of their other brands, I think it is terrible that they are such poor community supporters. None of the stores have any ability to donate to local causes-- and the store people hate this-- it makes them look like money-grubbing non-personal businesses when, in fact, their clients are families! I actually got a recorded message saying "WE are not taking any requests for donations at this time"-- seriously-- that is such a cowardly way out! I think I will let all of my friends know this and perhaps we can put pressure on the local stores to push corporate. Talk about selfish!!!

    1. Absolutely disagree. Remember this:
      1. No business owes anyone any donations. It's up to them to decide if they want to donate or not.
      2. Businesses exist for one purpose only - MAKING MONEY! So giving away money doesn't really work with that...

  6. Anonymous Janie & Jack store in Brea California has the worst people working in that store. They are flat out rude! I was in there today the store Manager Molly is just rude mean very un helpful! The other manager in there I didn't ge her name she was just as rude I walked right out of there and will never go back I don't care how cute there clothing is.

  7. Ms. C
    Janie & Jack store located in Annapolis, Maryland has a horrible and rude store manager name Christopher Smith. I went to return my merchandise and I was informed that I wouldn't be able to receive my payment because they were low of cash. I spoke with the manager over the phone and he was rude and nasty because I wanted to receive my money on that day. He told me that if I kept talking that he would hang up on me and that no matter what I say I will not receive any cash return on Sunday, April 17, 2016. I was given a store merchandise card and was told that I would have to come back to the store when they have enough of cash to give me. I have never been disrespected the way that Christopher were to me and never in my life did I ever have to return back to a store to receive my money. When I called the corporate office, I was told that all of the managers were busy and not able to pick up and talk to me. I work for CBS news and will be writing an article about Janie and Jack in Annapolis, MD, and how rude their store manager CHRISTOPHER SMITH handled the situation. Today is Tuesday, April 19, and I have not received a call yet to pick up my cash. I WAS TOLD TODAY THAT THEY DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH OF CASH TO GIVE ME TODAY!!!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT THIS STORE EVER AGAIN, BAD BUSINESS.

  8. After shopping at J&J for over 6 years and spending THOUSANDS of dollars on their clothes, I'm officially done with them and I'm here to speak out on their customer service and practices and basically how the couldn't care less about you, the customer who keeps them in business. To make a long story short, I had a defective product (zipper was broke before even worn). Customer Service via email is horrible, you never get the same person or the same response. It came down to J&J telling me they would send me $20 to have the zipper fixed, I couldn't find a tailor to fix the zipper at that price and relayed that info to them. Once again, emails back and forth to MULTIPLE people who had no idea what was going on and each time an email was sent I had to start from scratch explaining the problem. Finally after one month, they allowed me to return the merchandise via UPS for a refund or store credit, I didn't care which. Another month went buy with no communication or refund so I reached out. They first said the item was never returned but I luckily had the tracking number. Then then said the credit was made and I asked how?? They apparently credited an old credit card which I haven't had for over a year and apologized, that was it, over and done. I tried calling corporate and a "Brian" told me he would do anything to help and was supposed to call me back but it's been a week and no response. So here I am, no outfit, no $, no store credit, shows how much they really care about their customers, doesn't it? I will NEVER drop another dime in their store OR Gymboree for that matter. Absolutely pathetic customer service!


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