The Food Network Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Food Network Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
The Television Food Network, G.P
75 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10011 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-398-8836
Fax Number: 1-212-212-736-7716

Food Network Magazine
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  1. Why do you let "That Pioneer Woman" say Retarded on the air. Yet, Paula Deen gets fired.

    Also, true ranchers from Oklahoma do not burn down anything. The Pioneer Woman is a Government Corporate Ranch Welfare Queen.

    1. LOVE the Pioneer Woman. People are so sensitive about retarded. She didn't call anyone retarded. Look up the definition of retarded. Good grief, give it a rest. I do agree regarding Paula Deen. We've all said things that are NOT politically correct. She said that "years ago" apparently. We are WAY too sensitive. These are cooking shows for crying out loud.

    2. We have Charter Cable and they seem to only show THE cook off shows, It is ok here and there but not every night NIGHT AFTER NITE, I miss Ina, Pioneer women, Nancy, Giada, What happened to all these shows, These Food challenges is getting old very fast, Please stop them now

  2. I just wanted to tell you that Paula Deen was the best of Food Network. She apologized for her remarks, which in my opinion and that of many others was not that bad. Most of the politicians
    have done and said much worse and have been forgiven. I think you were wrong for firing Paula.

  3. I was wondering if the company was going to apologize for jumping on the bandwagon during the witch hunt for Paula Deen. Many expect the companies that shunned her to issue a statement regarding the dismissal of the lawsuit that is now deemed unfounded. I am not a fan of Paula Deen, certainly not a racist, but a curious onlooker of the scandal that seemingly ripped an innocent woman's business empire to shreds, based on hearsay and political correctness. People are waiting to hear from you....

  4. We need Paula Deen back on the food network program. She has paid the price for something said years ago. Your replacements don't even come close to the wonderful personality, show, recipes, etc. of Paula Deen.

  5. Tell Giada to wear decent clothes and her camera person to stop taking the angle shots where her cleavage over shadows the episode. Especially when there are children on her show. She has become a disgrace to your network. Especially when I thought this was a family network work.

  6. 35% of all Americans are diabetic: type1, type2, gestational, and pre-diabetic.
    Food Network has absolutely NO PROGRAMMING WHATSOEVER to accommodate those of us who are good/great cooks with diabetes. Why?
    The same is true with your magazine. And in either format, almost no recipes include dietary/nutrional information.

  7. My children and I watched Thanksgiving Live today. Kids made comments about Giada picking food out of the main dishes, eating and licking her fingers. My kids (8, 11 and 13) commented that she was rude and crude. I agree. She is a 40-something adult with a child who has no manners. What the hell !!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, do u think Sunny Anderson can finish one sentence on The Kitchen without saying " Do you know what I mean"


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