Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Barbeque Integrated, Inc.
8529 S. Park Circle, Ste. 410
Orlando, FL 32810 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-355-5800
Email:  Online Only
Gift Card Balance: 1-877-610-3705  

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  1. What happened to smokey bones here in cheektowaga ny. I visited to day for dinner quality of food went way down since I was last there. Would not recommend this place any more. Two thumbs down

  2. They fired ALL management that was associated with Darden restaurants, which is no longer. Gave them all stupid reasons why.

  3. I think the CEO really needs to think about his workers. It's really sad that people are fired for no good reason. The sad thing is that I know a lot of people who refuse to go there anymore! (Cheektowaga restaurant)

  4. what happened to the Coors Light draft in the Casselberry Florida location?as a regular customer there for the past 8 years along with six other friends to join me 3 days a week if not more that's all we drink is Coors Light draft. Are you getting it back yes or no? And if no why?

  5. Smokey Bones in Ft Wayne, IN needs some serious help. The turn over is ridiculous and the entire staff is burnt out. DO something!

  6. I go to place a large order for pick at Boardman Ohio one worker sitting in cars waiting for there management to show up they were already waiting two hours sad they treat people like that I will not go back there

  7. Unhappy Bones WorkerAugust 9, 2014 at 9:26 PM

    I am currently an employee with smokey bones and wish I knew how to get ahold of corportate... I am verbally put down almost everyday and job safety is never assured. . Wish someone out there would listen

  8. I am an employee at the Columbus, Ga Smokey Bones, today I worked a double and am also pregnant. Around 2:00 I asked my manager Kurk if I was going to get a break since he was starting to make cuts and I was the only double. His reply was no you do not get a break because you picked up a shift, I replied, "I'm pregnant I need to eat something". Then Kurk says I'm barely pregnant I don't need one. He never proceeded to give me a break and I'm 3 months pregnant! Highly illegal and disrespectful, I did not return for my night shift.

  9. Very disappointed in Smokey Bones in Grove City, Ohio. Have been a long term customer, dine in and carryout. They quit accepting coupons because coupons are for dine in only. My parents are homebound and cannot leave the house and I order carryout for them. Smokey Bones needs to do something for people who cannot dine out.

    I have had my last several orders missing items and have never said anything, my last visit was the breaking point, as I ordered over 24 smoked wings which are fabulous, we were all looking forward to this especially my dad since this was going to be his last meal prior to going into the hospital. I ordered 2 sauces, when I got them home, there was no sauces, no celery strips, no blue cheese, and no glaze that they usually put on the wings. They were very dry and I called to speak to a manager.
    Whoever answered the phone put a young female on the phone and I explained what was missing and told her my last couple orders missed items. She apologized and said she would send me some coupons or something for the inconvenience. She took my address and I told her not send me the coupons if they were for dine in only as I cannot get my parents out of the house, she said they would come up with something to send us. It has been a month and I have received nothing. I don't think they really let me talk to a manager. When I waited for my order since I went and ordered in person and told the girl I was waiting, I waited over 30 minutes (this was a slow night) and finally went up to the carry out stand and asked when my order would be ready. She said oh it is back there. So they totally forgot about me and another person came back to carry out while I was waiting and said they were missing their pulled pork.

    If this keeps up I can see where sales will drop and this will be another store closing. I know they closed the one in Ft Myers FL where I use to live.

    It is ashame that management lies to you and the company makes it difficult to contact the corporate office.


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