TruGreen Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

TruGreen Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
860 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Floor 3
Memphis, TN  38120
Corporate Phone Number: 1-901-681-1800
Customer Service Number: 1-866-369-9539

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  1. absolutely horrible customer service. Terrible way to do business if you want to keep me as a customer with two locations. My complaints always fall on deaf ears, local branch seems to never make changes and continues into year two with the same poor no show service.

  2. I will never use True Green again.. I paid up front over 600.00 and not pleased. When Trudy from true green calls what a farst. My last service done was July 5th. Should have done service the end of July or 1st of August. August goes by and still no service. I called to asked why and I get a I am so sorry. Make a date to do service and since I had to wait I should have been number 1. No can do............BAD BUSINESS. Also when there is a service done in the neighborhood, why can't you try to do all your customers the same time. I will never deal with you again, and will not give you a good rating..........I paid you a lot of money for BAD SERVICE. WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN..................


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