Shoney's Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Shoney's Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1717 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. B-1
Nashville, TN 37210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-391-5395
Fax: 615-231-2604
Customer Service Number: 1-615-231-2333
Email:  Online Only

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  1. What a disgrace for such a successful company to allow this.

    Gulfport, MS

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    Charlie James the district manager has not been doing his job at this Laurel location. The air-conditioning has been broken down for over a year.
    It's a SWEAT SHOP for the lovely people working there under the deplorable conditions. Not to mention 0% customer returns on Mr. James part.


    615.231.2841 Shoney's Headquarters
    404.239.0329 Royal Hospitality Corporation "Owner David Davoudpour"

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    Alicia M.
    Alicia M.
    Nashville, TN

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    Unfortunately I used to work here many many years ago and it is NOT well kept. The kitchen, bathroom, and so called break area was highly disgusting and hardly cleaned. The office area was small and nasty. People smoked in the back area and left ashes all over the place. Some of the staff was unprofessional. The entire restaurant was filthy and did at one point have an insect problem. The reason I'm writng this review is because I had a relative visiting from Illinios and she stopped here to eat not long ago. Based on her experience nothing has changed and she will not return. She said the servers were unfriendly, loud, bad smell, just entirely nasty. I hate to say this, but being a past employee I'm surprised this place is still open. Should remodel the place or either shut it down.

  2. I worked at Shoneys 4 years while I was in school on Dickerson rd. Nashville TN we are having a class reunion and I was wanting to know do you still have the Shoneys uniforms back between 1967-1971 I worked inside and curb or some of the photos at that store or the grand opening in Cookeville we also helped open it will be glad to purchase or just borrow if you wont sale. Can you please help

  3. The manager Dale at the church street in murfessboro is rude to his staff. I have been at the restaurant a couple time and have seen how he treats his employees. Those servers have a hard job and for a superior to treat them the way he does is just shameful.

  4. We stopped at the Forsyth Georgia location on Sunday August 23rd around lunch time as we love shoneys and this is what we experienced we walked in with our mentally disabled we were walking to our table and our daughter bumped into a manager named Elise who was talking to another customer we apologized and she just rolled her eyes and told the other customer that a retard just bumped into her as all of us heard it I was blown away and my first instinct was to flip the place upside down or just leave but try and get a disabled person to leave a place that they really want to eat at and you have got a chore on your hands so we quietly went to our table and had our lunch as we just brewed on what was said it was time to leave and I paid the bill and walked our daughter out as my wife stayed and confronted the manager who of course would not admit saying it but we all heard it.I ques this is what Shoneys wants representing their restaurants we will never walk into another one again and will spread the word not that anyone at corporate would care.

  5. I can remember when Shoney's was on of the best restaurant around. people was line out the door waiting to eat. they didn't mind the wait because the food,service and managers was great. now serves are not trained correct. Managers seem to think that can't be replaced. I had a bad experience in Athens TN. store with a steak I ordered. It was burned and a press had been used on the steak while cooking. After I complained the manager replace the steak but still cook it with the press. i haven't been back because the manager was rude, he stood over my table and was making rude remarks. Not only was my money wasted the manager put the money in the register with out ringing up the ticket. I have been a manager for several different Restaurants and my take on that situation is he comp the ticket and pocketed the money and wrote both steaks up as food waste. Shoney need a new face. since Ray Danner has pasted, Shoneys.

    1. I also remember when lines where out the door we would go there sundays after church and would have to wait but it was the best place to eat what a disgrace now i also sent and e-mail to corporate office with a reply request and of course no response from my complaint very sad we will never spend another dime in a shoneys.


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