Huddle House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Huddle House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
5901-B Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-325-1300
Customer Service Number: 1-770-325-1300
Email:  Online Only

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  1. I have a complaint about one waiteress at the Cuba MO restaurant she rude an tells you that your gonna have to leave when my friends an I are talking takes 20 minutes just to get she coffee she disappears in the bathroom or in the back room so she don't have to serve you I talked to the owner but he made excuses for her he a good waiteress if your new Her name is Rhonda She s bad for the restruant an business she s not no people person an makes comments you need to leave her a good big tip she has to pay bills you can look straight at her to refill your coffee an she ignores you You people need to do something

  2. Was at the Huddle House in
    Potosi, today, and it was so cold you could hardley eat. Talked to the manager and she said was corporate controlled. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Why so Cold.?

  3. Huddle house 641 in cleburne, texas needs to get their air conditioning fixed. It is very hard to enjoy a meal when the temperature is 80+ degree's. We are regulars at this restraunt daily, but will be going elseware if they dont fix ac. This has been going on for 3 Years now its ridiculous ..

  4. I had the honor of visiting one of your store's in east texas, a little town called Mount Vernon and I must brag about our excellent experience. Our waitress greeted us with a friendly smile and let us choice our seats as she walked over indeed she was still smiling while introducing herself as April, we were surprised to see someone so friendly and as you could tell deticated to her job. The service was unbelievably amazing and the cook was on his game cause we didn't leave anything left on our plates! Now I sure hope y'all keep up the good work Mount Vernon we definitely will be back soon

  5. Re: Appreciation to Huddle House #533 in Bonne Terre, Missouri. A family member was traveling alone. Stopped in for coffee. The manager and staff noticed this older gentleman was ill. The manager call for an ambulance and family member was medivac to a major hospital center.
    My gratitude goes beyond words.
    This a letter of special appreciation for the quick thinking and expediting our family member to receive very serious medical attention. Recommending an award to each staff member I encourage. Thank you so much again. This staff without any doubt saved his life.

  6. I am so mad at the Huddle House in Martin Tenn.this is the LAST time i will eat there.I went in at 5:25.I ordered the Country Fried Steak like i had every time i have went there. but this time they told me it will be a FEW min cause they were OUT of potatoes.Well at 5:45 i was still waiting for the food.then they did give my my country fried steak & i ask about the potato .They said it will be a FEW more min.i said ok,so i started to eat.i have eating about a 1/4 of it & I was the only one in there so i spoke up how much longer is it going to be.they said 20 MORE min.I said my food was getting cold waiting.them said they had to boil them first ,they when a person ordered it they heat it in the Microwave.I was at my boiling point too.I said put it in the Microwave I had a coupon for 5.49 & it still cost me $8.10 i am a senior person while they were laughing & playing around I was MAD.The store # is 758. I was checked out at 6:44.I want a cash refund back not a free meal.Now please tell me what is doing to be done.The place is a joke with some of the workers there most of the time.

  7. Ate at Huddle House in Potosi MO today that the food was so much grease on the food that you could not eat the food they need to hire cooks that can cook. There is only one cook out there that knows how to cook but this one they need to fire him. My bun on my hamburger was full of Grease where it was dripping off the bun and he over cooked the fries. I will not go back when he is cooking


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