Gucci USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gucci USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Gucci America, Inc.
50 Hartz Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-867-8800
Fax Number: 1-201-348-5491
Handbag, Shoes, Jewelry and Luggage Repairs: 1-800-234-8224
Sunglass Customer Service: 1-800-850-3919
Customer Service Number: 1-877-482-2430
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  1. I'd like to ask if GUCCI ever thinks about making a new product that would be a seller on the market? I ask because I have an Invention I've just made that might fit this company's liking. So I just asked.

  2. So you leave your info on a random website that has no affiliation with Gucci? INTELLIGENT!!! You'll be selling your "invention" in no time LOL

  3. I am trying to get in contact with your design department. I have a catalog of my designs that, I designed just for your gucci men's and women's shoe designing department I think it would truely bless the companies new year and seasons to come .please contact me at with your design department info thanks

  4. I purchased a gucci pelham bag several years ago , paid $1500. The bag was not used an awful lot nor abused when used. However, the bag has frayed on both sides. Is there anyway to repair it ?

    1. Repairs

      Products may be brought to any authorized point of distribution in the U.S. or mailed to the appropriate address below:

      Handbag, Shoes, Jewelry and Luggage Repairs

      Attn: GAI Fashion Repairs
      50 Hartz Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
      tel 800.234.8224

  5. Gucci Short hills sucks,very rude employees and a very Racist store

  6. Gucci Boston sucks too, very rude and condescending!

  7. Hello, I was just wanting to basically, beg, Gucci to consider bringing back Gucci #3 perfume for women. I am 44 years old and have been wearing it since high school. I am an ER nurse and I also dance. I get more compliments on this perfume then anything I've ever worn. I continue to buy it off ebay. Please please bring this back. Thank you for your consideration:)

  8. I'm astounded that Gucci doesn't have an extended holiday return policy. Considering that people Are buying Christmas gifts not sure if the recipients would like the color, size or design Gucci should've by now implemented an extended return policy out of consideration for their customers. You would think that shopping at at high end retailer you would expect to get high end service. Don't just be about the money Gucci get some customer consciousness too. Get with it Gucci.

  9. Yes, I would agree Gucci has very rude employees that do not want to speak with people calling them. I will not purchase from Gucci as they use calf leather for peoples vanity. Baby calves....really....Gucci does not care.

  10. Where is the actual Gucci hq in usa? is it in nj or ny?

  11. I will never shop at Gucci garden state small starting with the register personnel Alfa she is rude and condescending they don't make you feel welcomed and do not assist the only person worth going for is Peter he is an amazing sales person I live in New Jersey and have to travel to New York to make any purchases for the lack of customer service Gucci garden state mall nj has!!!! Someone should teach her to have interpersonal skills !!

  12. Gucci Cabazon, California. sucks! All employees rude! Even the store manager!

  13. Gucci Manager Lindsey Childers at Gucci Bloomingdale's Chestnut Hill is extremely unprofessional. She is totally inadequate in customer care. She does not care about loosing a longtime customer due to her lousy attitude.

  14. The Manager in Secaucus is rude and talks down to people

  15. I WILL NEVER GIVE GUCCI ANOTHER DIME! I took my $1500 bag into Gucci @ Somerset (Troy, MI) April 2015 for repair. They first looked at me like I didn't belong there. Maybe because I don't portray their regular highfalutin customers. Immediately they took me my bag that is fraying on both sides couldn't be fixed. I insisted they send it out anyway. Eight weeks later, I called repair to check on my bag. No record. The store NEVER sent my bag out! You would think they would've contacted me to either pick it up OR confirm my information to send it to me. NOPE. I called to have them send it to me, didn't receive it until today. NOVEMBER 11TH! Reached out to corporate, was advised to fax complaint.


  16. I myself will never purchase a Gucci bag again - My husband purchased a gucci bag for me in september - I ew I didn't like it then and I went to return it. This was the miracle mile on long island. It was so uncomfortable and a bit to flashy for me. The sales associate made me feel so awful about returning the bag - which I only was going to exchange that I would up keeping it out of guilt - can you imagine feeling guilty about returning something so expensive. This is in fact why smaller stores with return policies such as these lose customers. I certainly understand if it were used or I did not have the receipt. You people are terrible people.


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