Famous Dave's Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Famous Dave's Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Suite 200, 12701 Whitewater Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55343 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-294-1300
Fax: 1-952-2941301
Customer Service Number: 1-952-294-1300
Email: Online Only

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  1. I feel compelled to tell you why our go-to place for the last 15 years is changing from Famous Dave's in Woodbridge VA to another branded restaurant. It began with the removal of the incredible wild rice and chicken soup from the menu. Then a wonderful new item was added, burnt ends. But now the burnt ends aren't the same meat anymore, just chunks of brisket rolled in the sauce--and not very tender pieces either. The six choices of barbeque sauce are no longer on the table. Just two. And not the two we like. The little finger wipes have disappeared now too. Too many changes, and not for the good. Meat doesn't fall off the ribs anymore, you have to gnaw it off. It isn't what it used to be. So sad.

  2. I have to agree with Dixie. I am appalled and disappointed in the Famous Daves CEO. He must be a dumbass if he thinks making these changes will help his company. Sounds like he is choosing CHEAPER food products/ cheaper cuts of meat to save (make more) money. He's is soon gonna find out that he will lose the customers who frequent this establishment. We come about 3x/month or more. The finger wipes are gone. Not a big deal. I have noticed that the monster canoe and the big moose head is gone. Really sad, but ok. I LOVE the decor! It's real...not fake...its comfy. I like that they are putting our food on actual plates now. My family and i went to the one in Minnetonka minnesota tonight and found out that the corn muffin is now corn BREAD.....ABSOLUTELY F'IN HIDEOUS!! They are dense and heavy. They DO NOT have that nice crisp top and sweetness anymore. I personally do not like corn bread but here? I usually ask for two...and i eat every crumb! Now, they taste as i remember them from childhood...from a box. :( So i beg of you guys....bring back the corn MUFFINS!

  3. I have been trying to contact Famous Daves since December 16th, five times, filed e-mail complaint, called 3 times and now another letter. have requested call back from District Manager each and every time and was promised one and have received nothing. My dollars spend at their competitors quite well. Totally disgusted at their lack of caring.

  4. My family and I visited the Famous Daves in Annaopolis, MD on February 14, 2015. Not only was this Valentine's Day but my step-son was home from college and it was a birthday dinner for him. We all order some form of barbeque and the three of us have been sick since we left the establishment. The only one who didn't become ill was my daughter who decided to stick with chicken fingers. We generally eat at the Famous Daves on Route 1 in Virginia and have never had a bad visit, but the Annapolis, MD, location drastically needs help. Our waitress (can't tell her name because she never told us) didn't get our salads correct and in trying to rectify the matter, she reached in the bowl with her hands that had no glove on it. That's when we should have ran straight to the door. We stayed and I ate 1 traditional wing and 1 tough, strap leather baby back rib (which should be tender but was tuff as leather) from my Baby-Back and Meat Combo and can't control my bodily functions. To top it off, not ONE so called Manager ever came to see how anything was going. I heard him several times asking parties in the general vicinity if everything was ok but NEVER once did he come to the hole in the back where we were seated. THIS was a Famous Daves visit from HELL! DO NOT visit this particular establishment if you know what's best.


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