Big Boy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Big Boy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
4199 Marcy St.
Warren, MI 48091 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-586-759-6000
Fax: 586-757-4737
Customer Service Number: 1-586-759-6000

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  1. Corporate
    This comment pertains to Bob's Big Boy on Granger Rd in Cleveland Ohio. I don't thing, taking out the salad and breakfast bar was a very cost effective idea. By removing the salad bar I see that business is way down. By this so called "cost effective move" YOU have completely lost the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday patron's. I think the bar needs to go back in to recover that lost income.
    I think corporate should look in to this. And I would say that this is also effecting Brookpark and W 130th Bob's also. I always thought that the idea of a good restaurant was to have great food, and make a lot of money.
    Thank you for your time.


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