Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories, Inc.
4990 Highway 70 West
Kinston, NC 28504 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121
Fax Number: 1-252-527-1157
Customer Service Number: 1-800-336-8873

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  1. I had a tooth pulled 2 weeks ago at the Asheville office. I got a dry socket the next day, I went back, only to have the packing come right back out. Went back the next day hoping for some relief, as getting ready to go to the beach the next day. The dentist told me that it just had to heal. While at the beach, I noticed a piece of the tooth still in, the dentist was very unprofessional, and treated me like dirt. I think that he has injured my nasal cavity, as I can fell air in my sinus cavity. I am going to try to have him fix the damage that he has created. Just hope that you look into this facility. Thank you, Edward Dotson J.R.

  2. Some of the poeple in the moyock nc office are rude and disrespectful to their patients it's people like us that pay their paycheck and they work for us I know many people that have gone there and have said the same thing rude rude rude the dentist they have there is nice but some of. The staff is of poor quality and you never know what type of dentures are coming out of the lab one time they are perfect next time they suck

  3. do NOT go to affordable dentures. My mouth is a complete mess now and it's going to cost a ton of cash to fix it. Go to a reputable dentist. Save time, aggravation and $$$!!!!!

  4. spent 3 k at the Albany ny office for my daughter and terrible denture and service!!! never again will I say their name again.


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