Subaru USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Subaru USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Subaru Plaza, 2235 Route 70 West
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-488-8500 (Phone)
Fax Number: 1-856-488-3196
Subaru Finance: 1-800-662-3325
Subaru Lease: 1-800-644-1941
Customer Service Number: 1-800-782-2783

Subaru is famous for their cars and wagons and subs. Subaru is a japanese auto-maker that has a large following in the United States. They make small fuel efficient cars that appeal to the enviromentaly aware consumer. Subaru is one of the premier auto makers in the world.

Subaru's Customer Service Number is 1-800-782-2783. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. Just wanted to tell you how cute your dog commercials are. Enjoy all of them. Keep doing these types of commercials. Very refreshing.

  2. I can't believe Subaru doesn't offer seatbelt extensions. I work in healthcare and older people cannot get in the seat belts. All other cars offer seat belt extensions free but Subaru. I've had 3 Subaru's but this will be my last.

  3. Subaru makes the worst headrests I have ever used. My previous Subaru wasn't
    like this. I had the worst 8 hour ride sitting in the passenger seat that I have ever
    had even though I did some of the driving. The darn thing kept pushing into my
    head so I couldn't get comfortable unless I put the seat back way down. Do like dog

  4. michael savage on wabc radio has spent his show not only attacking pope francis but the catholic
    church, he has been going back 1000 years to point to corrupt popes for comparison. fornicators, thieves are pointed out, the vast wealth of the hypocritical church, that he claims helps no one.
    i will never, nor will my family or friends purchase a subaru again. my money will not provide one nickel to pay for advertising on this bigots show

  5. I feel your dog commercials send the wrong message. They encourage folks to put their beloved dogs in the car. Dogs die every summer because folks leave them in cars to run into the store or other such things, dogs often suffer heat stroke but can die once temperatures reach above 70 degrees. This fact applies even with windows down and parked in the shade. I think your efforts to sell your cars might be at the expense of many dogs.

  6. We owned a Subaru Outback and wanted to buy another new one, first time went to the Glendale CA location with an appointment for Max Vartanian at 12 pm on 12/18, there was no customer there, receptionist called him many times and he finally showed up after 20 min., after he showed me the price, I decided not to buy the car and left. Later found out Max kept my drivers licence, so called and asked whether he can send it back to me same day as it was his mistake (he left the drivers licence on the copy machine), he said he can mail it, I said can't wait and asked him to drive to my office as it is close by, he refused so I have to go there again and pick it up, terrible customer service! When I went back and pick it up, again no customer, while Max was browsing his mobile phone.

  7. Subaru should acknowledge, appreciate and award the hard working, long term Tech's that have been in the business for years. How many techs are out there that have been working only on Subaru's for 30+ years. I would say that is pretty amazing.

  8. I have bought a 2008 subura legacy. I have now three recalls on this car.
    There were 2 recall on the breaks for the same reason. After them being put in for service the same problem occurs. The second recall is ok and now I have a recall on the air bags after bring it in for that getting charged $150.00 to find out there is a recall. I am very disappointed in this car and can not believe all the recalls

  9. Caroline A. HigginsFebruary 24, 2016 at 8:16 PM

    Hello, I have purchased two Subaru cars & loved them both.
    the issue here is that there were deceptive practices when purchasing the second car, a Forester: one is that I get the triple AAA discount, and was also entitled to receive a discount from Mt Washington. I was told it was no longer the practice to get both, a fact I do not believe because three years prior, that was the case when I purchased an Outback.... I received the triple AAA discount as well as the ASPCA one as a member.
    Second deception: When purchasing the Forester, a $500.00 charge was added on for 4 oil changes....I went to the finance manager & he explained the four services would come to over $750.00. Today I found out those four services would come to $459.00, so I was lied to. I went to the finance manager & he stated the $500 coupon he gave me @ the time of the sale would be for my next Subaru & that I would not have to pay for any services @ that time. I did not want a coupon for a car I do not have. I do not appreciate being lied to in both instances.
    As for the Forester, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the car.
    This was @ the Bill Kolb Subaru in Orangeburg, New York. I would call the owner, but from a previous experience, I know she does not listen to complaints

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. DCH Subaru Riverside – 4.30.16
    I had previously bought a WRX (CVT) in April 2015 VIN JF1VA1D68F8833097 with my son who had just graduated college and commissioned in the US Navy (flight school). We all loved the vehicle and is great for him as he now moves from navy base to navy base in his career.
    So much so that I went to buy another WRX (6M) for my wife yesterday from DCH Subaru Riverside, the experience was not good at all!!!
     Agreed a reasonable price.
     They showed me the financial printout vehicle deal which in the top left hand corner showed an item called Tx Accessory for $990?
     I inquired what this was, only to be told it was a dealer installed security system.
     Why was it not included in the window sticker details in plain sight, No reply!
     Why so much, No reply!
     What make is it, No reply!
     Where is it located on the vehicle, No reply!
    I held Subaru in such high esteem, but to be subject to such devious measures of a dealer wanting to make a profit in such an underhanded manner puts many things in doubt!
    This was to have been our third Subaru with the first one being a Subaru Baja 2003 model (VIN 4S4BT61C371077637).
    Now I am not too sure at all!
    Graeme R. Donaldson


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