Rallys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rallys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
4300 West Cypress Street
Suite 600
Tampa, FL  33607
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-283-7000

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  1. How to we bring back fried pickles in Elizabethtown, KY. Some co-workers, and I were told that fried pickle spears were on the menu at one time. How we didn't know they were there I don't know because it is our favorite lunch stop. Do I need to get a petition going or what? PLEASE BRING BACK FRIED PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is it you send coupons not stating only 1 coupon can be used per visit per order. Recently went to Rally's in Flint, Mi was told could only use 1 coupon per order. Whats the use of sending out coupons if you can't use them.

  3. My recent visit to Rally's in New Orleans, LA located at 1709 N. Galvez was the worst lunch visit ever!!! Totally unpleasant and inhumanely UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! Not only was this worst fast food experience via customer service but the quality of the food itself was unacceptable highly poor. I ordered 5 piece buffalo wings and received only 4, the chili cheese fries were soggy with burnt chili as if it was a week old sitting in room temperature. Someone in upper management/administration need to visit as an undercover and clean house. Start with fresh new management and crew along with efficient training and interpersonal skills. I WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!!!!!! I HAVE ALSO POSTED PICTURES ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE AND ASKED ALL MY 1,000 FOLLOWERS TO SHARE THIS AWFUL INHUMANE EXPERIENCE. I HAVE ALSO EMAILED MY PHOTOS TO LOCAL NEWS STATION, BBB, AND DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH!!!!!!!!

  4. my female friend, who is 58 years old, is an employee at store #4042 in columbus,ohio. she is constantly harassed and threatened with physical assault by a male employee who is a convicted criminal who wears an ankle monitor. management has been informed repeatedly but does nothing. i have contacted rallys corporate personally and was talked out of filing an official report. two female employees were assaulted and quit. my friend is quiting. i can only conclude that rallys condones this hostile work place and i am left no recourse but to contact an attorney the police and bring a lawsuit.


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