New York and Company Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

New York and Company Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
New York & Company, Inc.(NY&C)
5th Floor, 450 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001 USA

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-884-2000
Special Orders: 1-800-324-1952
NY&C Outlet Stores: 1-800-723-5333 option #2
NY&C Rewards Card: 1-800-889-0494
Fax Number: 1-302-636-5454
Customer Service Number: 1-800-961-9906

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  1. On several occasions my co-workers and I have discussed one of your stores we frequent close to work. Located in: Perimeter Mall Address: 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd #2020, Atlanta, GA 30346 Phone:(770) 394-0660. Although the manager has been at this location for some time she nor the employees are friendly or helpful. Professionalism begins with management, you should call your stores sometimes to hear how staff and management answers the phone, if at all. Employees should have the right to make purchases the same as customers but not to hide items in the back. Management allows or does not audit hold items. Several times myself and a co-worker inquired about items that were not on the floor. Another employee informed us this item has been on hold for some time and we should inquire. On another occasion my co-worker states she asked about a hold and again the item never comes off hold. First thing in the morning the item is on hold, ten minutes later the customer picked it up if you call too much. NY&Co clothing can sell it self as it has for years with no commercials etc. but some help when needed would be great. When your Atlanta Metro stores have jewelry sales, there's no jewelry to choose from as employees inform customers they have plenty in the back but no time to put it out. What good is that for customers, I hope this helps to keep your brand relevant. There are many stores to shop in Atlanta, NY&Co is a name we all know.

  2. I'm curious if it's your policy to hire a store manager and then allow her to hire her boyfriends daughter, giving her a higher position then another employee? Sounds to me a lot like nepotism.

  3. I have a very interesting complaint about one of NY &Co employees. For some reason I approach the register and this employee had a issue the first start. But I had to make a purchase with my card but left it at home not thinking we had to go through so much to realize o had my card the entire time which I could do my transaction over but this girl was shaking her head like she had a problem. I asked her if she had a problem but she proceed to not place my money in my hand and basically threw my things to me. I told the store manager I hope she spoke to her because at the end of the day I thought I left my card home. As customers we are entitle to call error is due. I'm a good customer at your store in Cross County Yonkers, NY and feeling the need to shut my card down and never be bother with this store any more since I'm 00.6 miles.

    Transaction: 2753
    Date: 9/15/2016
    Store: 12
    Register: 2
    Cashier: 370005
    Time: 14:44:53

  4. Hello, yes I would like to file a complaint about not one but 2 of your New York and Company employees here in Bowling Green, Ky. Greenwood Mall. The associates that checked me out were very rude and unfriendly. The first lady, here name was Donna. She was to check me out. I told her I had a coupon and she automatically said well the coupon won't work. How do you know if you haven't seen the coupon. Next, she was ringing up my items and that was a long process. She couldn't get the register to process my payment. She said the system locked up. Then she suggested to go to another register. So I had to go down to another register to be checked out and she couldn't get that register to work either. She said they both were locked up. I then asked her about the first register and my transaction was it canceled. She claimed that it would automatically cancel. The system was hung up. I then asked her again to be sure that the transaction was canceled and she proceeded with her nasty attitude! She had me come around to the register to look at the screen. Where the transaction should have been cancelled. It wasn't she had to physically enter information to cancel the transaction. My shopping experience was absolutely ridiculous!!!! They were nasty and hateful with their attitudes. I promise you I won't be shopping in this store again! I will not be treated like that ever again! In any store!

    Transaction: 7378
    Store: 3638
    Cashier: Donna and 361642
    Register 2 and 3:
    Date: November 30, 2016 at 12:28 pm Central Time


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