Minecraft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Minecraft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Mojang AB
Åsögatan 140
116 24, Stockholm Sweden
Corporate Phone Number: +46 (0)8-6583710

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  1. I am a paying customer on scavengercraft.com one of your many servers.I am getting no answers just a run around by staff and owner leaves us hanging on his wim.A lot of hacks on server and me an dmy son paid out $300 to belong to this server which is giving a bad name for minecraft> I may get banned from the owner Brend4n or his sidekick which is useless as far as a Admin head of his server.I have tried and many others have ask some straight up questions and no response.I am not trying to beat up anyone just would like to be treated a customer who paid fair money to enjoy your product.Could someone email with response to fordjoe80@yahoo.com u see i am a father who has 2 kids playing on this server to have fun.


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