Lincoln Cars Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lincoln Cars Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Lincoln Motor Company - Ford
One American Road
Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-322-3000
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Lincoln Financial: 1-888-498-8801
Customer Service Number: 1-800-521-4140

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  1. I liked this article! This kind of Lincoln motors is authentic and great. My friend told me about this and she says that this is really nice car. I want to buy this for my husband, I'm sure they will like this car. Thank you for posting such article.

  2. Dear sirs. I purchased a 2011MKS years ago it reached 100000 miles and has done nothing but given me grief. I am a hardworking 57 year old nurse who wanted a good comfortable reliable car. I drive 90 minutes a day. I wanted a safe car. The MKS has been in the ford garage for 17 days my bill is close to 5000 dollars...I have to get rides to work and the Ford garage does not seem to care. I am so disappointed/frustrated. The car is not paid for yet. Any recalls suggestions....anybody else have problems or am I being lied too.

  3. I am the proud and happy owner of a 1991 Lincoln Mk VII Titanium metallic exterior. I first leased it and since I loved the I purchased it after the 3 year lease.The odometer shows 129,762 Km. This car has never been winter driven , therefore its exterior and interior are showroom condition. The only items I have replaced are spark plugs @ 50,000Km and complete brake job @ 123,233Km and second replacement of the exhaust system. The only thing that no longer operates is the upper and center console information system, except for the alarm which is on as soon as you close the door. Also the fantastic Entertainment system is only a whisper. I have inquired all over Toronto and surrounding area for a business establishment that could repair these item , but no nibbles. Could The Lincoln Car Company recommend a solution to my problem with some addresses that are not too far away .Your happy Lincoln owner Laimon Salnais

  4. I'm LEASING a 2015 Lincoln MKZ which I have had now 16 months and have had nothing but electrical problems with this lemon since the day I drove it off the lot. The exact amount of visits to the Lincoln service departments to date are the exact amount of months I've been paying monthly notes on it .... 16 service department visits. Yes, I'm averaging 1 visit a month to their service dept. It is currently in the service now because it just STOPPED on me in the middle of the street. Prior to this problem, I was already waiting to bring it back for service dept for visit #17 for them to install an amplifier they ordered over a month ago that went out 2 months ago. (Still waiting on that visit) But they couldn't duplicate the amplifier problem either until after I had brought it to them twice because it occurred intermittently, just as everything on this vehicle occurs ... intermittently. And today, because they couldn't duplicate it to stop while driving, they had the audacity to call me and tell me once again to come and pick up their lemon because they can't duplicate it stopping. Pick up vehicle that could cause me serious injury or death when it intermittently just stops again possibly on a freeway while I'm driving over 70 mph?? I am constantly told to just keep bringing this vehicle back over and over until THEY can actually duplicate the intermittent issues, which they always do but after 2 or 3 visits because the problem has to occur while I'm on or near their lot, passing by a Lincoln dealership, or while in service. Meantime they keep putting me through repeated loss time from work and stress because Lincoln concierge and the dealership who leased it to me refuse to give me a replacement on a leased vehicle because ... Get this. "It does not qualify for a replacement." Surely, obviously and most definitely, my $3,000 down payment and 39 months of my payments to Lincoln for their lemon is MUCH more important to Lincoln than my life ?!


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