DR Horton Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

DR Horton Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
D.R. Horton, Inc.
301 Commerce Street Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-390-8200
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-817-390-8200

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  1. Thanks to you DR Horton for destroying the neighborhood were my kids live. Once there were high priced homes and nice views now all you see out thier back window is cube shape houses that looks like they are 3 feet from each other and cluttered streets with no parking. Thank you DR Horton for downgrading the area and ruining the view. I will be sure to never use any contractors that you used to build these so call homes in our area.

    Upset parent in Waco, Texas

  2. We bought our DR Horton home in 2006. Six months after we lived here cracks appeared in the foundation of our brand new home. I called and complained about it and they sent one of their workers to slap a fresh coat of cement over the crack. Not a fix in fact it made it more obvious because the cement was a lighter color.
    I have been complaining about this since then. Horton will do nothing. I have taken pictures and sent them to Horton. On the corner of our master bedroom the foundation has chunks cracked and fallen off. Looks real bad...We were told it was not under warranty a few years ago after I sent another complaint. When someone finally came out and looked at it he said it was not a problem unless we decided to sell. Those words did not settle easy on my mind. It is not right the way we have been ignored over the years when foundation was under warranty. This awful problem is just getting worse and we were told there is nothing they can do about it.
    Now we want to sell and Real Estate woman says that is a problem no potential buyer wants to see. Horton do something and help us out here. Carla Prater, Summer Creek Ranch, Fort Worth Texas 76123

  3. My husband and I would just like to let you know how pleased we are with your sales agent in Vero Beach, Fl. Eric Young is a major asset to your company and we are so happy to be working with him on the purchase of our new home. He was extremely courteous and helpful answering questions before we chose a D.R. Horton home and has been very professional and prompt with any issues we have had after the closing. He called us back quickly on an issue we found while prepping the house for our final move and assured us that the issue would be taken care of quickly. We are so pleased to see how your representative treats customers after the sale. We will surely recommend your company to our family, friends and acquaintances. You have a superior representative in Eric Young!


    The Cochrans

  4. I am having issues with a home that I have not even lived in for 30 days. The sales people and the buildr rep are no assistance and have mislead me and lied on several issues. I can not reach anyone else by the numbers on the areas national call list and corporate isn't willing to assist.

    Hanahan SC resident

  5. I purchased a DR Horton property in Lakeland, FL in late February of this year and have just found out that I need to pay to have my entire yard re-sodded to what I feel was an inferior product installed by the sod vendor. Brian Cox from Orland Warranty Dept. has made the decision that a customer who just made the purchase a little over 3 months ago should pay for what your vendors should be responsible for. He can come up with any conclusion he wants but the fact is the sod was terrible and nothing but weeds and horrible grass when it was installed and I have made every effort to revive the lawn but it's hard to revive weeds. The lawn has been watered by irrigation the allowable amount by our county and according to several of my long-term neighbors the lawn when installed was horrible looking and smelled like rotting grass. I feel as a long term customer of DR Horton (my second Horton home) that it is totally unacceptable that I should incur the cost of replacing a yard in 4 months. I would like for someone at DR Horton corporate to respond to my frustrations because this is not right and in my opinion is not what DR Horton stands for and I'm sure Mr. Horton himself would feel the same way.

    Mike Meadows
    3379 Summit Lane
    Lakeland, FL 33810

  6. dr Horton lets you hanging once the purchase is complete, first home from these so called builders and THE LAST

  7. DR Horton in Eagle Landing in Hanahan, SC is a terrible . They will not fix issues even if they are under warranty. The builder rep Nick is a complete fabricator and misleader. Corporate will not respond to complaints either.

  8. Here are some of the issues we have experienced with our "new" house in Castle Rock and some that are still waiting to be fixed.
    07/24/14 - 2 1/2 months after purchase


    1. The painters have been out to the house at least 4 separate times to correct paint and by caulking issues. There are still areas that need to be fixed. There are holes in the siding that still need to be sealed, there are cracks that need to be sealed, there is caulking shrinking and there are many areas where the paint is not even and you can see the variations on the thickness. We have only been in the house since May 2014. 2. The vents still have sawdust and drywall dust in them and blowing throughout the house. 3. The concrete post under the wooden deck post, on the northwest side of the house is not centered under the wooden post. We have heard several negative comments from friends and neighbors about how poor a job DR Horton did. 4. The concrete on the front porch is cracked on each; this was supposedly repaired once (with a skim coat to hide the crack) and both cracks have re-appeared. The driveway is cracked where the large metal trash bin was set during construction and the previous superintendent said that DR Horton would not fix it. 5. The front lawn is VERY uneven and needs to be rolled out; there are areas that have at least 3 inch deep holes and there is a major depression by the water valve in the front of the lawn next to the sidewalk. 6. The single garage door had a large crease at the top which was just repaired on July 22, 2014 and needs to be painted. 7. There are several holes under the garage door frames that still need to be sealed. 8. The basement was not cleaned of dust and debris (pieces of concrete) prior to move in. 9. The door on the main level bathroom has a small hole in one of the upper panels. 10. The rock on the south side of the house is a slip hazard due to the slope it is on going to the gate to access the backyard. The superintendent (Nick) said that is all DR Horton is required to do....Is this good customer service???? 11. Interior paint has many areas that were missed or a different sheen was used or just not blended in properly. 12. Numerous scratches on the fireplace bottom left and top right corners. 13. Electrical switch for the garbage disposal is loose. 14. Several of the cabinet doors are loose. Cabinets had scratches and dings in them...all that was done to correct issues was to use a color pen in the scratches and filler (that has fallen out) in the nicks and dings. 15. The air conditioner does not cool the second floor. The main level and basement get cold, but even with the A/C set at 66 degrees, the upper level is still very warm. 16. Many of the shingles are damaged from the numerous times the painters have been back to the house. There are major indentations in the shingles from the painters ladders on the roof when too hot. There is also possible damage to ply-wood on the garage roof due to one of the painters jumping from the upper level roof down to the garage roof. 17. There is a small hole in one of the upper panels of the main level bathroom door. 18. The drywall taping and repair is noticeable and is uneven in several different areas of the house, especially in bedroom #2. Nick told us during the walk-through that it was just the lighting. 19. The interior trim is not caulked in several spots. 20. The wood floors are not sealed adequately. There are still gaps (holes) that need to be filled. 21. Basement stairs "flex" and creak when walking on the stairs. 22. There are walls that are not square, especially in the hallway from the master bedroom to the stairs. 23. There are several areas where paint was not cleaned off of places that were not supposed to be painted, i.e.: the main level sliding glass door, windows, exterior outlet covers, etc. 24. Towel holder in the master bath (right side sink) not properly placed. The current placement is in a very awkward place and is not in the same location as the model or other new builds.

  9. I am purchasing a home in Cape Coral, FL with one of there Express Homes .. floor plan is great could use few more upgrades that are just needed. This experience has not been a good one with the fact how the finance department goes threw there process with changing price needed at closing and not staying in contact with you. The one person that would keep me in the loop and also take heat from me for being up set was Becca Conroy. I would like to give props to her for her professionalism and compassion with this process and she is a asset to the DR Horton company in Ft Myers Fl

  10. William Holder Brighton, ColoradoOctober 10, 2015 at 11:26 AM

    I live my D.R. Horton home. It is not perfect, but I was not expecting perfection. What I do not appreciate are the failings of D.R. Horton to respond to warranty requests. We have had a few problems that were not addressed, while issues were being handled at other houses in our neighborhood.

    I am not sure what others are doing to get their requests handled, but I would like my reasonable requests to be dealt with in a way that dignifies me. I do not appreciate being told that I might be responsible for trees dying, when I moved into my house in March. I do not appreciate the trees being replaced at the home that is about to be closed on, while I live in a house with dead trees. I do not appreciate hearing how the entire ceiling of a house is being replaced, because some seams are showing (which is the case at my house), and the family is being put up in a hotel, when I cannot get an improperly installed toilet paper dispenser that tore off the wall repaired. I do not appreciate the neighbors getting their front stairs replaced, when I cannot get a response about my entryway being cracked under the support columns and the stairs pulling away from the entryway. This is all the more disconcerting to me, because I have had two level fusion surgery on my neck and back, and we bought what we believed to be the best ranch style home in our area, at a price we could afford.

    I am not an overbearing person, nor am I trying to get something which is unreasonable. I just want for requests that are covered by warranty to be addressed in a reasonable timeframe. I want communication to be something that occurs. If I an wrong about something, tell me in a reasonable way; inform me. If I am right, acknowledge that and deal with the problem. There is no reason for anyone to feel like they are being disrespected, but that is where I have been left.

  11. Begging for help: 3 warranty requests and tired of being ignored

    We closed on our home September 20th, 2015
    The first week we notice the paint on the north east side of the house coming off. Also, there is water damage in the garage first week. Prior to closing, the paint on the shutters and front door (anything maroon colored) is bubbling up in huge sacks.
    I put in one warranty complaint and received a phone call from Jacquelline. She promised I’d be contacted to address the issues.

    Shutters: by the painter, Paint on the exterior: by Sherwin Williams rep, Water damage in garage: by roofers.

    Only the painter has come out. They came out twice and gave up after 10 minutes stating the obvious (which is what I said from the start) that they cannot be scraped, sanded, primed, and painted in place or at all. Too labor intensive. Jacqueline from warranty said they HAVE to try again. They will not replace them because it will be at the painters cost because they neglected to prime or prep them first. They tried a 3rd time and failed. Not only did they fail, but as predicted, they left the paint shavings and their mess for me to clean up.

    A second warranty claim placed, another call from Jacqueline stating the shutters and door will be replaced. This was 2 weeks ago, have not heard a thing. She also stated that her manager as well as the Sherwin Williams paint rep will contact me that following Monday to set up a time. That too was 2 weeks ago. Placed a call in to Jacqueline this Monday, no return call and it is now Thursday October 22, 2015.

    The paint peeling off the side of the house is getting worse. The drywall coating in the garage wall and ceiling is getting worse. The shutters and front door still look as badly as they did a month ago.

    FOLKS, these issues will NOT heal themselves, and I will NEVER go away or stop until this is resolved. NEVER, I will be relentless and get my lawyer involved who states he’ll do it just for fun!

    This house cost me nearly $200,000 cash and I am furious that I am being ignored the moment DR Horton cashed the check.

    1. Get your lawyer to take care of the problem. DR Horton is not going to do anything for you or me. After we did the closing we reported about 14 problems with the house and no one cares.

  12. We signed a contract to build a house in North Port Florida and paid $5K in down payment only to find out after 5 days that the area is high risk flood zone area. Money is lost since in a contract there is nothing like time to check these things. They take their money and they are gone. CROOKS- BE AWARE.

  13. Greetings,
    I've been gong back and forth with DR Horton/Express homes since the day I moved into my home June 2014 in Kathleen, GA (Georgian Mills). I've been lied to about appointments and lied on by contractors. From the lawn that holds water to my backdoor that allows water into my hold which has destroyed the crown molding. I requested to have the door removed several times and each time they send out someone who can't speak English does little to nothing to fix the issue. I would not recommend this builder to anyone. It is sad when you have to constantly call and beg for corrections that should never have been an issue. I'm so frustrated and tired of dealing with them. They are untrustworthy and can't keep an appointment nor contractor so save their souls. I am furious, pissed off and looking into a lawyer, how can they continue doing business with the type of homes they are building?

  14. I have a sign on my property across the street from a DR Horton subdivision;;;;;;;;, they rent my property to put their sign on , I have contacted the rep for this area that covers the payment. I have a written contract for 6 months,, they are 4 months behind, and still cant get paid

  15. I have had nothing but problems since I moved into this house. The local warranty dept won't respond to the growing issues......I think we should all get a lawyer and take them to court. Looks like they are failing across the US...........

    1. We should. The local warranty department in Birmingham, Alabama is doing the same thing to us. Maybe a lawsuit will keep them straight.

  16. I started the purchasing process with D.R. Horton in Riverview Fl. From the get go I was shown and given a schematic where the a/c would be in the side of the house. Suddenly now the placed it by the master bedroom window. They said that the lot won't allow it to be placed where the schematics show. If I knew that I would have never bought the house, of course their solution is back out and loose $5,700 dollars or wait for another house in 6 months and $12,000 dollars more. Thank you Mr.Horton for treating a dissabled retired Law Enforcement officer with 26 years of service as a piece of dirty cloth.
    José Morales
    future resident of Riverview Meadows

  17. I electronically signed a purchase agreement on a home in Bluffton, South Carolina, on April 4, 2016, within 12 hours I texted the subdivision real estate agent, Mike McCaylor cancelling my purchase agreement of the home. I requested a confirmation of that cancellation from him via e-mail within that text and did not receive one, as of this date, April 13, 2016. As of this date I have received two contacts from DR Horton insurance company, as if I am continuing in this purchase. I am not going to purchase your home, in addition, since my job did not transfer me I also do not qualify to purchase your home. Please cancel this purchase agreement and send me a cancellation acknowledgement. Jane Blasco

  18. When I purchased my home at the DR Horton Timberlake Community in Clover, S.C., my home, (the first one sold) had a mail box in front of the home. Right after the sale, the mailbox was removed and we had to drive to the local post office to get our mail. Seemed that the postal service was implementing the mail box nest concept where one unit would accommodate 16 homes. So, our street was supplied with two units for 32 homes. As building progressed, mail units were installed in front of common areas to service homes around the common area. Well, it turns out that in D.R. Horton's drive to build more homes, they forgot that more common areas were needed in order to provided locations for more mail units. Rather than address that, they simply chose to add another two units on my street, next to the existing two. That's 64 individual mail boxes on a street that has 22 homes on it. If one third of the folks receiving mail where to drive up, there would be 21 cars in front of my house waiting to get their mail. I contacted our HOA, who work for D.R. Horton, and asked them to find out why they keep adding mail units. That was two weeks ago and I was told that David, from D.R.Horton is researching it. HELLO, D.R. Horton dropped the ball and failed to make adjustments to the community regarding mail delivery points...just kept on building. We have children on our street and do not need this additional traffic. Something tells me that this will occur again in another area of our community, that is unless they will add more to our street. This is not rocket science, it's D.R. Horton throwing stuff against a wall to see what sticks and if anyone will challenge them. I called the post office, and it was NOT their decision to place the mail units here, so please do not blame them. I get tired, often, by D.R. Horton treating me like some illegitimate child they wish would simply go away. I'm not going anywhere. But, I won't simply allow stupidity to prevail. If by chance D. R. Horton reads these comments, perhaps they can inquire of their Charlotte division as to what is going on and resolve this. Barry O'Daniels

  19. Up to 50 homes in The Farm at Brunswick have fascia that is peeling down to the bare metal and Horton claims it is a routine maintenance item and not their responsibility despite the fact that the houses were sold as maintenance. I have owned 4 houses in my life and all were over 35 years old and this was not a problem.


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