Bru’s Room Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bru’s Room Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Bru’s Room Sports Grill
5460 West Hillsboro Blvd. Suite B
Coconut Creek, Florida 33073 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-968-1050
Fax Number: 1-954-935-5600

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  1. I went to your restaurant this evening in coconut creek. I had the worst experience first we were seated waited 20 mins before anyone cared to come to our table to take order. Then 20 mins later another waitress decided to come and take our order. Then to get our check was another 20 mins. I was ready to walk out but do not do things like that and know that it was not my waiters fault. The front end staff are as dumb as rocks and rude as fuck excuse my language. Do not care for anything from you just to let you know your service sucks and attitude of your staff is disgusting. The manager was also sitting on her ass doing nothing while I complained to staff she just ignored us. I will ensure to let everyone know how horrible your service is and ensure people choose another Brus room or other restaurant. Truly should invest in training your staff and hiring people that have people skills.

  2. I stopped going there after being there numerous times and experiencing the same things, i.e. disgusting restrooms, under staffed and over worked employees, manager rude and not helpful. No need to complain. They just don't care. Poorly managed and maintained.


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