Aspen Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Aspen Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Aspen Dental Management, Inc.
281 Sanders Creek Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057-1307 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-315-454-6000
Fax Number: 1-315-454-6010
Customer Service Number: 1-866-273-8606

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  1. me and my son had a appointment at the mentor ohio office. Boy was that a Big Mistake. Where do you hire these ppl . We set there for 2 hours my son was crying cause we were there so long. We made the appointment to get are teeth cleaned and that didn't happen. We were the first appointment of the day 8am the receptionist was rude no customer service no smile, but when her girlfriend walked in the door she stood there talking to her for 20 min (why cant she be all happy with her customers). There was a old McDonalds coffee cup in the plant in the lobby with a dirty tissue in it. Then went to the bathroom wouldn't use it there was POOP on the Toilet seat how gross. Then the dentist was so rude I should have listened to my friend but I gave them a chance. The dentist told me I had no cavities but I should get all my top teeth pulled out, What the hell!!!!! So after 2 hrs me and my son left walked right out of this office. I will let everyone knows NOT TO GO TO ASPEN oh I have good insurance and will fight my insurance not to pay this bill. no one washed there hands after taking off there gloves I work in a hospital and no matter what you wash your hands between patients.

  2. Dennis R. McNally Peru, INJune 2, 2014 at 6:45 PM

    My name is Dennis McNally. I had an appointment gone wrong today because the dentist wouldn't perform the extraction procedure because of high blood pressure. Of course, they had already taken the payment, which now must be held for 15 days before they can issue a refund. Overall, I will NEVER go to Aspen Dental again!

  3. Note to COMPANY: please see if you can get some type of flavoring added to the material used for denture lining. Seems so chemical toxic tasting. Everyone complains about this .please remedy this!

  4. I to made the mistake of going to Aspen 2 years ago. I told them what I wanted and paid OVER $3000 up front. Then it was every time I went in THEY would do what they wanted. Never the same people, and 1 time was numbed up to get teeth pulled and 2 hours later I walked out. Then Aspen dentist wanted me to save some of my bottom teeth wish is not what I wanted. Went last week and now they want $1609.90. I don't have what I paid for so I make sure EVERY ONE I know does not get ripped off as I have. My next move will be calling the T.V. news and get there help. I regret not going to Chatt. at Affordable Dentures. They make Aspen look like the rip offs that Aspen is

  5. I want to let someone know about my experience at the SE 14th Aspen dental office in Des Moines, IA. The dental hygienist was completely non informative and had a uncommunicative behavior. I felt that I could have benefited from someone who would have been able to reply to my questions in a professional, knowledgeable manner and at least try to offer helpful advise or hints in a professional cheerful manner. What I got was a sullen uneducated response to my questions, she was slurring her words and gave the impression that she was not even qualified for the position at all. I also observed her and the majority of the staff circling a patient file and making comments and laughing, this is completely unacceptable behavior people have a right to their dignity and privacy and I feel this is a violation of HIPAA!!! I was completely disappointed with the unprofessional and unknowledgeable staff at this location on August 25, 2014, I have no desire to have another horrendous experience with the quality of people that they have employed at this location and will not schedule any services in the future with this company, I also will forewarn my friends and professional acquaintances of my experience.

  6. I had an appointment today, after an e-mail was sent Friday to confirm. I got there and they had cancelled it. But no one told me. I was waiting for my permanent Partial and they gave me one with less teeth than the one temporary that I already had, and it was lose. They did not like it and try to add to the old one. I am not happy with aspen, the dentist is a very nice Lady, but I like to get what i paid for.... a permanent partial that fits like is supposed to, with all the teeth is supposed to have.

  7. I had two teeth caped a year ago have been bothering since went to a different dentist and Aspen Dental in Waterloo Iowa did it wrong so I have to get them recapped. I want to know if I can get reimbursed for the caps Aspen Dental did as now I have to pay again to get them done right. Can someone answer me Thank You.

  8. I saw and ad in newspaper advertising free x-rays and exam for people without insurance. I am a widow on a fixed income and needed a tooth put in with wires on each side to hold it in place. The doctor and staff were very nice and professional throughout the exam. Then I was sent to the finance office and they gave me a price on what the doctor suggested I have done. All I wanted was one tooth. When I asked the employee how much it would cost to put the one tooth in she said $3000 for the replacement tooth I told her I wanted. She then told me it would cost $9000 if they put in 3 partial plates, with 1tooth and a cap on both teeth on each side of the missing tooth.
    I told her I could not afford to have this done. She then offered their finance service. I told her
    I did not want any financing for $9000. I told her that I was 76 years old and was not going to leave a $9000 bill for my children to pay. I had already told her I was on a fixed income. I told her that I could not afford this and could not use their services and I left. I later called back and asked for my x-rays and they were so nice and told me to come by the office and pick them up
    I asked her how much they would cost and she said nothing. After I drove 40 miles round trip to pick them up, they gave me a copy of my teeth they had done on the copy machine. They knew that another Dentist would not accept this printer copy of my teeth. The receptionist was very smug acting. I would have been more than happy to pay for the free x-rays that they made of my teeth. A dissatisfied customer is a Companies worse advertisement. I have read the other reviews and my opinion of Aspen Dental seems to be true.

  9. AMERICAN HORROR STORY! 3 simple words to express my distaste and HATRED for ASPEN DENTAL.Rude staff! Miserable! Awful! Lord I could write a book on how terrible the staff is! --COLUMBIA,SC-- STAY AWAY FROM ASPEN DENTAL!

  10. I am waiting for billing from an Aspen office. I do have insurance and I know what the insurance paid. Before I left the office they wanted me to pay for what was done according to what they estimated. I wanted to wait and see what the insurance actually paid. This figure was quite different from what they wanted to collect. I would like to see the bill before I pay.

    1. Just as I figured no relies to any of these comments or questions. This is just a site for people to blow off steam and corporate sits back and laughs. As long as they get your money at least one time, they don't expect to see you again.

  11. I went to Aspen in Spring Hill FL for a buildup & a crown. I agreed to the price BUT the dentist then insisted I do a deep clean on my whole mouth adding a couple of hundred dollars to the cost. When I said no, the dentist then refused to perform the crown in short - no crown no cleaning. I went to a Aspen in Brooksville FL - there the dentist said no deep cleaning required BUT she wanted to a root canal at several hundred dollars. When I objected, she said no roor canal - no crown. When I explained the other dentist said no root canal was necessary & advised not to get one, she dismissed me with that is his opinion. I have filed a complaint with the state Dept of Health, BBB and my Ins Co - SafeGuard.. Not only go to them at your own risk, just shiop around for different opinions..... What a group...........Go there & dontt say you were not warned.

  12. I worked at Aspen as a Office manager after being at a private practice for 30 years and I was appalled at what I saw! The Dentists are terrible and do not have the same training and expertise as private dentists! The work I saw was horrendous, especially in crown and bridge and in dentures and partial dentures! The work coming out of their dental lab in syracuse is absolutely the worse I have ever seen and I cannot believe how they get away with this! I has 6 dentists in my practice in Bowling Green Ohio in a period of 1 year including a dentist who had no peripheal vision in either eye because of an accident, great lady but horrible dentist! The hygienists are hacks who are only there for the money, which is substantial based on how many patients they see each day, some were making nearly 100K a year doing 15 minute cleaning on adults and 2 hour full mouth scalings, in the private sector they take 1 hour for an adult cleaning and 4 hours to do a complete mouth scalings and root planing! I immediately changed my hygienist and made her take at least 30 minutes on her adult cleanings at which time she transferred to another practice with Aspen. Stay away from these practices and complain to your dental board!


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